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Sweet job on TWD

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So, is there no budget for QA at Tell Tale? I was so happy to take home a copy of your game that was completely unplayable on my 4GB slim. Incredible job of dropping the ball for a large segment of your customers. There's no way I'm jumping through hoops and waiting 4 weeks for a digital copy that will be a giant pain because I have no HD. It's great to lose customers by cutting corners, huh? To be fair, I'm kind of equally unhappy with the retailer that didn't warn me, but to not fix this issue after this long is pathetic. (Yes, I read you can't fix it. That's almost worse; As I said, have any of you even heard the term QA?) Ugh. What a totally miserable experience. Never again Tell Tale. Thanks.
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  • I haven't been able to play again since my first complete playthrough, I feel your pain but I find the fact that i played through it once and now can't play again without crashes or black screens is super odd and a major piss off.

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