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Jesse James' Finger

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Perhaps just the fact that it's JJ's hand explains it but not so much in the game. IIRC back in the first half of Season 1, Jesse's hand had all fingers. Then at some point, a finger ends up missing all of the sudden. There were even some threads on it then but I don't recall the replies.

Was there ever an explanation (in the game) as to where his finger went (yet)?

When I was playing through 205, there was a scene that made me think that there would be an explanation but no. Is it a "did you try..." moment? or will it be one of those ongoing mysteries that will be revealed somewhere in season 3? Or did I just totally miss it?
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  • Sometimes things have no and need no explanation. Pretty sure that is the case this time.
  • I didn't even realize it ever had all 5 fingers. Er, all I know is that there's a mentioning of it in the old On The Road comic, where Jessie James' trigger finger has been stolen among other things. Why this would have occurred again in the middle of season 1 is beyond me.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    In the Season One episode in which the finger disappears, I think you can click on the hand to make Sam ask Max about it. I'm not sure, but I remember Max commenting that he had eaten it or fed it to Leonard or Mr Spatula or something? Can't remember.
  • the hand was all there from 101 - 104.. then all of a sudden in 105 the ring finger is missing... the line for clicking it in 105 (if i recall corectly)

    Sam: look, jesse james actual hand
    Max: no, remember that carbon dater said it was only...
    Sam: (shaking fist) jesse james actual hand.. amazing
  • Sounds like Strong Bad's carpet to me...... :p
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Maybe I imagined it, then?
  • if the line really is there, then it is probably one of the best easter eggs in game history..
  • I do remember sam commenting on how his finger went missing, but I don't know which episode it was in
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    wisp wrote: »
    if the line really is there, then it is probably one of the best easter eggs in game history..

    It might be something I imagined, or something Dave Bogan made up and told me, but wasn't actually from the game.
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