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Help! Issue with mousing over door in Episode 3.

posted by JrwMcCarthy on - Viewed by 495 users
Firstly, here is a video linking to the exact problem I'm having:

As other people have said, this is 'game breaking' in every sense - immersion is totally broken as I fiddle to try and find a get around - I and others who have this problem can't progress.
I've tried changing the resolution and I've also tried rewinding to the beginning of last scene. Someone on the Youtube video I linked said that the problem was 'solved' by rewinding a couple of times. Before I waste my time on the off chance that might work, does anyone know of a definite work around or fix?

It's a shame to come across such a major bug in what is otherwise an absorbing, compelling game. It makes me feel a little silly for recommending this game so readily...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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