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At The Inventory .

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" At The Inventory " is a series where all TTG characters hang out in the Inventory and do crazy stuff like:
Sam , Max , Strong Bad , Guybrush , Hector and Lee go to bowling . Sam and Max babysit Clementine . Wallace , Doc Brown and Doug have a debate about science etc .
What are your ideas for some crossovers in this series ?
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  • 1.There are plenty of threads in the Poker Night part of the forums where you can discuss this.

    2.This belongs in the Poker Night forums :/

    It would be cool to have Sam & Max, Guybrush, Strong Bad, Wallace, and Doc work together. Doc and Wallace would probably keep talking about inventions and maybe confuse the other four while Sam,Max and Guybrush could reference LucasArts and how Monkey Island and S&M games stopped being made. Max and Strong Bad could reference events in Poker Night 1.

    I don't know if I would want Lee or Clem in it. Not because I don't like them as characters because I do like them as characters but this type of crossover in my opinion should be back in the normal Telltale way. Comedy with a few serious moments. Having Lee & Clem might make it way more serious then it should with a pirate,an inventor who loves cheese,an inventor who has time traveled, a talking dog, a talking rabbit like thing, and a guy who wears a boxing mask and boxing gloves.

    They could make 5 episodes and maybe focus an episode on each game series like...

    Episode 1 could be an episode where Guybrush,Strong Bad,Doc and Wallace and Gromit fall out of the sky into Sam & Max's world through a portal. After Guybrush and Strong Bad begin using Guybrush's insult sword fighting to find out where they are, The freelance police arrive and arrest all 5 of them. Doc explains that he and Marty was testing his latest invention. A universe traveler but it must have taken characters from other universes as well. Suddenly Flint Paper smashes his way in and attempts to capture the freelance police and the universe hoppers. As it appears Brady Culture has somehow been revived and has joined a group of people who are determined to take over their universes. Brady has been given the tools to build a big mind control ray and has taken over Sam & Max's world.

    In Episode 2, after a fight and getting sucked into a portal. The heroes arrive in Guybrush Threepwood's world where everything is going crazy. LeChuck has been given the tools he needs to become powerful than ever. Elaine is already LeChuck's bride after he uses voodoo to brainwash Elaine into hating Guybrush and loving LeChuck. All of Guybrush's friends including his loyal shipmate Mr.Winslow and all of the Caribbean has been infected once again by a new pox of LeChuck which is mostly the same as the first but once the person has gone full evil LeChuck, the person obeys LeChuck. Max,Strong Bad, and Guybrush are all infected soon after arriving, meaning its a race against time for the heroes to get La Esponja Grande and enlarge it fast before Guybrush,Max and Strong Bad are under LeChuck's control.

    Episode 3 will take the heroes to Wallace and Gromit's world where a rebuilt Preston,Victor, and Feathers McGraw work together and begin framing Wallace & Gromit for stuff they have not done as Preston and Feathers begins work using Wallace's inventions to create a giant robot in the shape of a were rabbit to once again make the towns people scared so Victor can pretend to kill the were rabbit robot and be rewarded by taking over the town. So its up to Sam,Max, Strong Bad, and Guybrush to clear Wallace & Gromit's name and stop Feathers,Victor and Preston.

    Episode 4 could be them arriving at Strong Bad's world where everyone is determined to capture Strong Bad (Except Homestar Runner of course) as a brainwashed King of Town is offering a big reward for the capture of Strong Bad and the others.

    Episode 5 is the finale. They finally arrive in Doc's world where Marty has been in Doc's lab attempting to find Doc. Marty is glad to see Doc as he tells him things have been going crazy around town. Suddenly they hear the time train go off into the past as Marty and Doc looks shocked as they see an young and old Biff in the train. The heroes quickly head into the Delorean to give chase but as they arrive in the past its too late as the damage is done. Suddenly the Delorean breaks down and forces the heroes back to the present where Hill Valley looks like a nightmare. Its being run by Biff and his fellow villains from the other episodes and it is exactly how it was in BTTF 2. The heroes must now fix the Delorean and restore time before the changes to the timeline effect them.
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