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Doesn't ben kinda look like pewdiepie?

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Same eye color, same hairstyle, same haircolor, same face shape, same facial hair, about the same age. And doesn't mark kinda look like mike shinoda?
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  • The Walking Dead is that type of game where blind lets plays are better to watch. But I don't like the people who watch the game on youtube instead of buying them.
  • I don't like them ether, I say buy the damn thing after watching one video or a couple, then play through the whole thing as having the choice to do shit is much better then watching it, and you know what points are going to mess with people, I agree it is better to buy then watch the whole thing.
  • not at all, but they have some features..
  • Sometimes I can't get the game or afford the game, yet I like the game enough to watch it. So yeah, I watched PVZ2 before it came out in U.S., I watched ZombieU because I don't have the system, just because of that doesn't mean anything about the person. Sometimes watching a game and saving your money for a rainy day instead of something you don't need is better.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the guy, but when you see someone talking about him on EVERY THREAD, EVERY youtube video, facebook/twitter posts, t-shirts on the streets, I mean come on, it gets annoying. Yeah, he's not a bad guy, but I don't 'like' him either. Anyway, no, I see the resemblance, but not enough to where he looks like PewDiePie.

  • Maybe a very slight inspiration, and his fans are locus, they eat and kill everything that even dares say he is not that great, I guess that seems to happen when you 12 million subscribers.

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    Sometimes I can't get the game or afford the game, yet I like the game enough to watch it. link

    @ Mark$man. Nothing wrong with that, dude.

  • What Mark$man said, that is not wrong.

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    Great, so your telling me that all of walkers are Pewdiepies fans, I can see what you mean he really looks similar, funny that in the whole playthrough of the game he never even thought for a second… link

    Pewdie did know he looks like him, in episode 2 he said "how about the guy who looks like me?" when Carley is asked to go back with someone.

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