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Problems with TWD saves

posted by Dmitry_heather on - Viewed by 582 users
Hello! I have a problem. I finished third episode of TWD. Next time I launched the game, it showed me, that I finished only second. In game folder are saves dated 30.08 (when I finished third episode). Game said, that the last save is only 29.08, when I finished second episode. I tryed to delete these saves, but it didn't help: steam recovered them. I read there that this could happend if you didn't watch titles, but I did. So, FAQ I found there also said, that in that case, you could start next episode, and when game ask you about randomising choises, they will be as you did. But they were randomised, as if I didn't play third episode. So, it's too late for this, because I already finished fourth episode, but I'm very disappointed with these random choises and afraid that it will happend again. So, can you help me?
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