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Having completed the retail version (the game with all 5 episodes) and the 400 days DLC of the Walking Dead on my Playstation 3, I wanted to play it again making different choices. I completed episodes 1 & 2 fine, but once I pressed 'Play' on episode 3, it decided to freeze and nothing would respond. I've tried it a few more times and the same thing happens.
I am very unhappy about this, and, from what I've seen, I'm not the only one with this problem. And if season 2 will be like this I'm not going to waste my time and money.

If anyone can help at all, I'd be hugely grateful!
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  • :mad:I don't know what's going on,but ever since I download 400 Days dlc,it won't let me continue after I die???? Anybody know how to fix this, it's very annoying ??? If this, continues, Im going to riot !!!
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