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Allow me to introduce myself. I am known to most as Heather L. Logas. I have been a gamer my entire life. I taught myself to play rock paper scissors in the womb, received my first Atari at the age of five and ran my first Dungeons and Dragons adventure at the age of ten. In high school, while other girls were playing soccer or dating boys (or girls...I did grow up in San Francisco...) I snuck off at night to play live action role playing games. I pursued my passion in college, and went on to receive a Master's Degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I studied game design and theory. Yes, its true. I have a Master's Degree in gaming.

This grants me certain rights and privileges that the less educated gamer can only dream of, the least of which is being able to easily instigate interesting dinner conversation. These include:
  • The justification to be unequivocally right about any subject concerning gaming.
  • The license to pontificate at will on any gaming related subject. Gamers, game industry folk and my parents must make a saving throw vs Academia, or else be forced to listen respectfully, only nodding their heads now and again at the appropriate moments.
  • The ability to make up words or re-appropriate existing words whimifically.

At this point you may be wondering "Where is that charming Brendan fellow?"� And yes, you may well wonder, for I am clearly not the Brendan Q. Ferguson of Stenchtar fame. If I were, I would have no need to explain to you that I am Heather L. Logas, traveling scholar turned Telltale employee. Alas, no one has seen our dear Brendan for some time now. Of course, that may be because I have locked him securely in his closet and erased all memory of him from my fellow Telltaler's minds so that I may undermine his position and replace him as chief designer of Telltale Games. Or perhaps he is simply vacationing in Bermuda. Who can say? Except perhaps for the rats in the closet.

So you will have to read my words for the time being instead of Brendan's, which suits me just fine as it gives me a chance to pontificate on my plans for domination of the entire gaming world. Do you have your dice ready?

You see, entering Telltale Games was just the first step in my master plan. These foo -- I mean my fellow employees -- were mesmerized by my extensive education and gladly took me in. Now, with Brendan...missing...I have my chance to step up and take over all of his designing responsibilities. Since I have the justification to be unequivocally right on any subject concerning gaming, no one will question my designs and will implement them just as I instruct. Next, the screaming Telltale fans will buy up every copy of my product and see just how games SHOULD be made. Word will spread from gamer to gamer, and soon I will replace pre-existing notions of game design with my own vision. Hah! My plan is flawless!

I suppose you wish to know what my vision actually is? Well, this may be a matter to pontificate on in the future, but for now I will give you the highlights:
  • Stories that can be played out different ways by different players, but are no less engaging whichever way the player decides to play.
  • Meaningful consequences that are appropriate to player-character actions.
  • Computer controlled (non-player) characters that act like actual people, and have a life of their own.
  • Worlds that breathe.
  • Never having to do anything over and over and over again, until you want to throw your mouse or controller on the ground and stomp on it again and again.

Oh my, I'd best be off. I hear scratching behind the closet door...it may be time to administer more tranquilizing serum. Farewell...for now.
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