Happy New Year's from Telltale Games!

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2004 was an exciting year for Telltale Games. After all, it was this past year the company was formed, hired it's first wave of employees, moved into new offices, attracted it's first core group of fans, had a couple babies and started work on it's first secret project.

I know this seems to be a hard act to follow. But 2005 is going to be even more amazing! As of Wednesday we will have heat!! (Or so they say...)

Here are our New Year's resolutions (which, of course, I simply made up for everyone without asking them):

Dan: To be the bestest Dad ever.

Troy: Thanks for stealing mine Dan. Sheesh. Also, to get a new car and convince my wife that motorcycles are not death traps.

Kevin: To clone myself, so I have one of me to answer questions all day while the other me can actually get some work done.

Randy: Get an actual photo of me on the Telltale Employees page.

Jon: Find my nerf ball. Or a get a new one, if need be.

Graham: World peace.

Heather: World domination.

Brendan: Get out of this clos....I mean, Bermuda.

Happy 2005 from all of us at Telltale Games! May your New Year's be bright and glittery and all that good gooeyness.
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