The Future of Interactive Entertainment

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Welcome, my friends to the future of interactive entertainment! No more will you just sit passively in front of your television sets, watching the mindless drivel that pours out at you. And why just play video games that lack real depth and personality? No, my you can have both!

Doubtless you have heard of the emerging trend of Interactive Television (aka iTV, sometimes eTV). Using digital set-top boxes or convergence platforms, you will be able to change the camera angles during a sports game or play along with a game show. Interactive content will be available to you as you watch your favorite shows, letting you experience whole new levels of those shows.

Are you ready? Are you excited? Are you confused why I'm telling you all this? After all, Telltale just makes games, right? Perhaps at the moment...but we smell change on the wind and it makes our nostrils quiver with excitement.

Even now we are in negotiation to develop an interactive television experience featuring none other than your favorite Telltale Texas Hold Em stars! At the moment we are bandying about a brilliant parody of MTV's classic reality show "The Real World"�, combined with elements of "Survivor"�.

Picture this: Boris Krinkle, Theodore Dudebrough, Grandma Shakey and Harry Weinhead must inhabit a 3-room dwelling together for six months. No one is allowed to leave the the show is over. Take delight in the suffering of the Telltale cast as they have to live with each other, day in and day out. Featuring, of course, exciting poker action by night. The cast will be filled out with a couple of new characters. At the moment we are toying with the additions of a bosomy sorority girl and a witty and plucky game junkie. This all sounds perfectly hilarious, you think to yourself, but where does the interactivity come in?

The last month and a half is when characters start getting voted out of the house. But unlike those other reality shows, it is you -- the viewer -- who gets to do the voting! Not only that, but the system we are developing may even allow you to play as a virtual poker player in the nightly poker games at the house.

I can't give you many more details on our project without risking Dan's wrath. And of course, don't expect to see it in action anytime soon. But be assured that when you hunger for iTV action, Telltale will be there to bring it to you!
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