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Yes, friends, they're coming out of the walls here at Telltale. Our office, once so desolate and lonely, is now as crammed as a can of squirmy, game making sardines. Perhaps that's why it is so unbearably hot today. That and the absence of air-conditioning. But I digress.

This week we are interviewing Doug Modie, who appeared out of no-where last week. Or was it two weeks ago? I myself am uncertain. One day I just looked up from my blue-prints and jelly donuts and there he was, intently gazing into his monitor as if trying to solve the riddles of time.

Doug, however, is an extremely busy gent doing very important work and as such has limited time for conducting an interview. So I am generously taking the liberty of exercising my prime improvisational skills to answer the interview questions that he didn't quite get to.

So who are you again?

( D.M. ) My name is Doug. Doug Modie. Rhymes with Modie.

And what is it you do here?

( H.L.L. as D.M. ) I do very important work. I am a programmer and I work diligently with Karen on programming stuff. I also take long moments to stare intensely at my monitor, trying to solve the riddles of time.

Where did you come from anyway? One day I looked up and you were just here. It was most mysterious.

( D.M. ) I came from my house. I was looking for my keys, for like ten months.

Describe an average day at Telltale.

( H.L.L. as D.M. ) As I just explained, an average day at Telltale involves programming stuff and talking to Karen, with occasional pauses to stare at the monitor. Then sometime in the afternoon I'll wander out with my sunglasses on after some secret errand. When it becomes unbearably hot, I turn on my own personal fan and laugh to myself as everyone else suffers.

I hear that you once worked at LucasArts. Which projects did you work on there?

( M.G. as D.M. ) According to MobyGames, I have worked on the following titles:

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005), LucasArts

Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter (2002),

Star Wars: Starfighter (2001), LucasArts

Star Wars: Force Commander (2000), LucasArts
My career probably spans more years than those displayed since these dates are based on the credits documented in MobyGames (which are incomplete). I have been credited with the roles Design, Other and Programming.

Our fans seem to love stories about LucasArts. Anything amusing to share?

( D.M. ) Ok, this is me talking. I once wrote to Simon (the prez), with some pretty harsh suggestions about the company. In between the time I sent it and when I finally heard back from him three days later, I cleaned out my desk and started preparing my resume.

Finally, he got back to me (after being out of town for three days), thanked me for the suggestions, and provided encouragement and feedback on all the ideas.

Interestingly, a month later, he was gone. Hmmm.

What is your favorite thing about Telltale?

( H.L.L. as D.M. ) I really like all the friendly and intelligent people. Especially when they leave me alone to do my work.

It is ridiculously hot in here and you have your own personal electric fan. How did you manage that little coup?

( D.M. ) I have fans and groupies everywhere .

That Doug. What a card..
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