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Dave here, bringing you news on the one subject which I know has been foremost in the collective mind of the public, the one thing bigger than all the launching shuttles and supreme court scandals and Tours de France put together. Oh, right, there is that Bone project we're working on, but you've already heard plenty about that. No, I'm talking about Telltale's new office space!

The old office, which we hereby dub The Sardine Shop, was shrinking in around us daily, like a slow version of one of those mechanical-walls-crush-the-hero traps from a hokey adventure movie.The Sardine Shop I regularly elbowed Graham Annable in the head, and Kevin was once trapped at his desk for three days, though to be honest that may not have had anything to do with the close quarters. The power would go out if anyone tried to use the microwave, the air conditioning failed on precisely the wrong week, and as soon as it got fixed it produced a gorgeous waterfall in the Fifth Corner, perilously close to my desk.

Also, the Sardine Shop only had three parking spaces, which is not even enough for Kevin all by himself. A few of us had been parking at the building next door, home of a company called "For Lease"� which had seventeen employees, all imaginary. But then the solid, three-dimensional owner came over and complained that we were blocking his view of the pavement, so we had to resort to stacking our cars vertically.

Clearly, it was time to move.

So we did, many hundreds of feet up the street. The new place is farther from the prison and the water treatment plant, closer to the post office and the dump, and in terms of sheer size is the fifty-five gallon drum to the five-ounce can of the Sardine Shop. You could put a minature golf course in between the desks, and if you squint, the carpet could almost be mistaken for Kentucky bluegrass.

Here are just a few of the things you'll find on a visit to the new digs:
  • Windows that open, if you know the secret password.
  • Air conditioning that almost works.
  • Room to swing a cat, if you were into such things. I'm allergic to cats, so I'm glad we're using that space for a hockey net and a foosball table.
  • A mysterious blue line labeled "Do Not Cross."� So far, no one has dared to find out what happens if you cross it. We're thinking of sending one of the interns.
We're also close to a good taco shop and a hypnotist. Never underestimate the value of a quality hypnotist when you're running a game company.

We are all deliriously happy in the new space. And the best thing of all is that we're above a company that hauls away junk, so when our computers become obsolete every six weeks or so, we can just chuck them out the window. Did I mention the windows open?

*Sardine Shop image provided by the photographic memory of Graham Annable.

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