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Actual Stuff!

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"Out from Boneville"� is just about complete, so that means Telltale is about to again enter into the dangerous world I like to call "Actual Stuff"�. Sure we're generous with concept art, screenshots, movies, interviews and remarkably well crafted blogs such as this. But it's when we get the opportunity to give you "actual stuff"� that the rubber hits the road. And it's the part I love best.image

You see, a few years ago a number of us here at Telltale were busy doling out the usual fare of concept art, screenshots, movies and interviews (though no blogs), whilst we were working on some "dog and bunny"� type stuff for another game studio (whose name escapes me at the moment.) Then, quite suddenly, we were asked to stop working on the "actual stuff."� And that "actually"� sucked! Back then, we only brought you stuff every few years, so this was really a set back from our perspective (and I'm certain yours.)

So now we're doing things a little differently. You see, we had some "actual stuff"� in April. Perhaps you're familiar with the award winning Telltale Texas Hold'Em? Though it is a little out of the norm, it was still pretty funny (and notably "actual"�.) And now here we are in September with more stuff! Your new favorite game, Out from Boneville! And guess what? There's even more stuff on the way! Not years from now, but in the Spring! More Bone games and other great stuff. Honest!

So you see, we're not going to give morsals of "actual stuff"� once or twice a decade like we used to (Sorry about that, btw). Nope, for better or for worse, we're giving you the goods every few months. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of concept art, screenshots, movies, interviews and remarkably well crafted blogs for you to dig through, so it won't seem completely foreign. And I think (over time) this notion of "actual stuff"� won't seem so strange and uncomfortable. We think you might actually like it.

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