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Okay... you ready? Start it up!

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Whoa, what's this thing? Episodic internet content? Hit the power button. Let's see what happens.

The circuits are humming as Telltale officially imagebegan its journey into the world of adventure games last Thursday. In a scant 6 months the first major offering, Bone: Out from Boneville is available to folks looking to slake their thirst for story based entertainment. And oh my! What a buzz!

The message boards have been hopping as a mulitiude of reactions wrestle each other to reach the forefront of popular opinion. I thought I'd been exhausted during the final days of finishing Bone but I've honestly been even more overwhelmed just keeping up with the tidal wave of response since the release last week. It's a harrowing and exciting experience to sink your soul into a project and then let the world at it. I want to thank everyone who has taken time out of their day to play our game and record their thoughts on both its successes and shortcomings. It's been invaluable to the Telltale staff to sift through the letters and assess what we can accomplish going forward as we continue to grow in the land of episodic adventure games.

The knowledge that we're going to be able to iterate upon the momentum of this first game in an extremely short time has me excited for the future of Telltale and the adventure game genre in general. I've not experienced this option in all my years in the games industry and I'm chomping at the bit to roll up the sleeves again and refine our hits and rethink our misses.

The machine has been plugged in and the wheels are turning! Keep the thoughts coming folks, it's only going to continue getting better!

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