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a Flint Paper series?

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quoting the almighty DC:
"Right now, we're still building the Telltale brand, and not having enormous marketing budgets to work with for an original title, we work with these franchises that are known, and that helps build an audience for Telltale," said Connors. "And as Telltale gets more cred, our ability to take something -- some crazy idea, and believe me there's plenty of crazy ideas kicking around out there -- and execute it and bring it to life in one of our episodic formulas or as a standalone episode... the groundwork's all there."

"So we're in a really good place for that to start popping up, whether it's from things kind of shooting off like a Flint Paper series or something completely different than Sam & Max or Homestar," continued Connors.

How cool would that be? Like a Flint Paper Film Noir detective series! Wow :):D Even if they did one flint paper special episode to test the waters..and they could try that all in black and could be really well done :) I'm excited by the mere possibility :p
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