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Favourite Season 2 Episdoe?

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Now that season 2 is over, what's was all yours favourite episode?
I'm sorry if there's already a thread like this, I can't see any.

Well, my favourite episode would be 204. Its really interesting seeing the past/future versions of things, and the mariachis really are funny.
But my most memorable one would be 203. Don't know why. It just stuck in my head.
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  • I voted for 205, but 203 is a very close second for me.
  • Story/Writing - 202. It fits the random and border-line illogical nature of the comics. Plus, I have yet to hear a line that beats the Ocean Chimps explaining why they worship feet.

    Animation/Cinematography - 204 if only because of the ideal animation of Pedro in the captain's chair. That pose and his expression cracks me up! :D

    For Music - 205. The new areas and their music were just ooozing sweetness. I boot the episode just to hear the subway BGM!

    For Voice Acting - Too close to call. Pretty much any scene where William is playing against himself.

    For Voice ACTOR - 204. Why? Grandpa Stinky! Perfect design and perfect voice!

    For replay value - 202. I still have yet to see Little Sam wear the Bone Shirt. :mad:
  • Definitely 204. The funniest episode so far, and also the difficulty was at the perfect level for me. Its on my top 5 list of adventure games now!
  • Plot - 203
    Music - 203
    Art Direction - 204 (Spaceship and Soul-crushing area)
    Voice Acting - 204 (Old Sam, Grandpa Stinky, Mariachis)
    Puzzle Design - 204
    Humor - 205

    Overall: still 203
  • 205, because it's the biggest, most epic and probably most fun. The vast range of characters (and the fact that they move around to different places and do different things throughout the episode) makes this episode feel a lot less barren and empty than the others (Sam even says in 204 "Isn't it odd that wherever we go, we only ever seem to run into one or two people at a time?"), and the ending is absolutely spectacular.

    In terms of humour, I'd say 203 is the best, and 204 has the best music. I love the music in the Far Future Office and Stinky's 80s, and the Mariachi song is the best expository device I've ever seen.

    And plot-wise, it's a tie between 204 and 205.
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    I give my vote to 204, but I'm a bit surprised 203 have gotten so many more votes than he first two episodes. I'd say that 203's only real strength was the humour, but if that was the only deciding factor I'd go for the small-business-devouring-demon-attacking-the-North-Pole story any day.
  • My favorite episode of season 2 is probably Chariots of the Dogs with Ice Station Santa following close behind. My favorite episode of season 1 is The Mole, The Mob, and The Meatball.
  • I'm not even half done replaying 205 yet, but I'd say right now I think it's edging 204 by a hair. I don't quite get what people had against 202, I thought it was good. 203 some of the zombie humor might have been lost on me. 201 the theme was funny, but otherwise I didn't think it was that strong, fewer memorable one liners than I can think of for most episodes for myself.
  • Really difficult decision. I think 204 and 205 is nearly like a two parter. But if i had to chose i found all the time travelling stuff a little bit more interesting as the "get free out of hell" scenarios in 205....but then the twists in 205 are great, too. I cannot really decide. 203 is also great. Being killed and still playing was some kind of fun. Jürgen in Stuttgart is my absolute favorite character because i'm from germany, too. Believe me: Stuttgart doesn't look anything like the game (but maybe it should :)). So here's my ranking:

    204 Time Travelling is always great stuff - reminded me of DOTT
    205 One Twist, two twists, three twists...and of course Maimtron and the finale!
    203 Jürgen rules! Let's go to Stuttgart and see some ravong zombies :)
    201 Scrooge again but different - the exorcism is great ..once there was a little demon
    202 Lots of running but the fountain of youth was cool - little sam is so cuuuute :)
  • My personal ranking is
    1) 204
    2) 203
    3) 205
    4) 201
    5) 202

    205 was very good but it followed the two strongest episodes of all seasons, IMO. I'm usually pretty stoic when it comes to humor (I laugh *inside* :)) and 203 + 204 were the only episodes that had me literally LOL. But then my bias for 203 might come from the fact I hang with metalheads and goths all day.
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