And The Winner Is...

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Congratulations, Sam and Max fans! The polls have spoken, the public stood tall and crowned their victor, Sam and Max will be the next Telltale series to hit Mac computers! We're proud to host such a dedicated fanbase for all of our games, and don't worry, Strong Bad and Wallace and Gromit are not forgotten. We'll be making them available for Mac within the course of this year, so sit tight. The office is a flurry of activity and we're just as excited as you are!

The poll inspired thousands of people to band together and vote, but what is a revolution without propaganda? For two weeks, the forums had an art contest to promote their Mac game contender, and out of some outstanding entries, we present the winners:

Think Bliss
For thematic excellence and believability, Light_Rises gets a special grand prize for Think Bliss!

Revolucion! DIEStrong Interns! Interns!
Our honorable mentions include none other than GinnyN, WeeblerJake, Yohmi and DinghisKahn for their ceaseless support of the games they love. Telltale fans, we salute you!

Remember to get a good rest and eat a healthy breakfast, Telltale Tuesday is tomorrow! It's kind of like taking a test, except you might get a free game instead of an A+.

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