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Stuck in secret extended version of 202

posted by AllenB on - last edited - Viewed by 610 users
I'm stuck in the room with the platypus, and I've already picked up the arrant prac. What does it do? I've been trying to figure it out for ages, but it just seems like a useless creature!
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  • any other day i would play along, and ask how you managed to find this version of the game, how you got into the room, etc... but i am in a crabby mood, so this gets no mercy

    ok, first... i have never heard/seen any such room (even in the old beta of the game i had the chance to play on GT, which in my mind was way better than the final release... but thats a topic for another time)

    second, can you explain how you got into a room that simply does not exist (there are only 8 locations in this games nexus, and i know them all)

    even if you did come across some secret version of the game, from what you say this was a major room/scene that got deleted at a very early state in development... so no matter what you find, its going to be useless

    but i doubt this is the case, that telltale would work on something like an entire room like that then delete it for no good reason (and i also doubt that there is some secret version of 202 looming around elsewhere)

    so thus, i am going to call you out on your lie, sir... and can someone from telltale comment on this? (as to weather such a room ever existed or not?)

    P.S. let me show you an actual secret, here is a pic of the in game nexus listing all the locations and enabling you to jump to any location at any time... notice how there is no "platypus room" (also, can someone from TT tell me why the driving game in this one doesn't get its own location card, i'm pretty sure it had its own card in all the other episodes)
  • Wow, that was some epic not-getting-a-joke there :)
  • There is no Cow Level.
  • Is there really a secret extended version of 202? If there is, how do I get it? Please tell me.
  • Snarky answer: By doing a barrel roll.

    Truthful answer: It's a joke.
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