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CSI:NY announced, but not by Telltale (Formerly "Will there be a new CSI game?")

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So, the subject basically says it all. Are there any plans by telltale to make another CSI game?
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  • I suspect the answer here is: we don't know and even if we did we wouldn't be able to say.
  • Yeah, I'm sure you're right, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask anyway.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    Yeeaahhh.... so... we don't know and even if we did we wouldn't be able to say.
  • :).

    Thanks for responding, nonetheless.
  • On the website it says there will be a CSI4 next fall:

    Game releases are often pushed back though...
  • Not to ruin your party or anything, but that page is only advertising a super pack with the previous 4 CSI vegas games... its nothing new im afraid (not unless you count ringing every last $ out of old titles as "New")

    and as for the next game... my expertly tuned brain-O-bobber™ says not to expect it this year, maybe in early 09' (if there is one at all). Because they would need to put out some sort of press release months before to alert everyone to the coming title. Also, if they do make another game... i hope to hell that it will be based on CSI:NY because both of the other shows are loosing altitude real fast

    simply put... i will not buy another Vegas game, i am sick of them now, and i am already sick of the Miami games after just one release... i want something new and different from this next one, you guys may also want to open up the locations a bit and make the next installment a free roaming game
  • If there was another CSI game, it'd be severely crippled by the absence of both Warrick and Sara.

    Maybe to compensate, they could put in the lab rats to replace Greg, I really miss Greg being in the lab.
  • The only way i would buy another CSI: game is if it were based on the NY license, and if telltale produced most of the game assets themselves... I.E. not relying on outsourcing as much (I'm sorry, but the character models in the past 2 games were absolutely terrible)

    Also, i would not expect the next installment for another year or so... And at this point, with them working on so many other games... I really do not mind the wait
  • i saw screenshots of these games, and i think to myself...what a wonderfu...wait...
    oh yeah. I saw screenshots of the games and it's not even worth a 4th, a 5th either, Telltale really lost it with these
  • Personally speaking,
    I don't think that Warrick is guilty! Every CSI has to follow a code of ethics which says that he/she must be impartial , among other things, and from what I've seen , he was that as well as being honest to a fault. True , he had his faults, but don't we all??
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