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Big Back to the Future: The Game News Coming Tomorrow Night (Updated With New Information)

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Tune in to tomorrow's episode (June 2 in the US) of GameTrailers TV for some heavy Back to the Future: The Game finale news!

Update: As we careen towards the announcement on GameTrailers TV tonight we've got some great Back to the Future news to tell you about today!

First up, Episode 1: It's About Time on iPad is totally free until July 31! Now is a great time to hop into the series and find out what Doc and Marty have been getting up to since the conclusion of the legendary Back to the Future film series. Don't forget, Episode 1 continues to be available gratis for PC and Mac via the Telltale Games Store!

Next, Back to the Future: Episode 4 - Double Visions for iPad is now available for $6.99! Play the penultimate episode of Back to the Future to get ready for the big news about the finale that's coming tonight! 

GameTrailers TV airs at 1:00 am (US local time) tomorrow evening on Spike TV! What do you think will be revealed on tomorrow night's episode?

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