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Michael J. Fox Makes a Special Appearance in Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 5

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You read that headline right! The legendary Michael J. Fox is lending his voice to the finale episode of Back to the Future: The Game - OUTATIME! And now you're probably wondering when you'll be able to see Fox's special appearance in the finale; Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 5 - OUTATIME releases on June 23 for PC and Mac

We're keeping exactly who Michael J. Fox plays a surprise for folks to discover as they play Episode 5, but I will divulge a tiny hint about one of the two characters he plays: Marty has met this character shown in the new behind the scenes video (above) in the original film series. 

A lot of you guys totally pegged what the big announcement would be and it was tough keeping a lid on the announcement - you're a clever bunch! 

Now's a great chance to get into Back to the Future: The Game if you haven't already - the full season of the continued time-twisted adventures of Doc Brown and Marty McFly for PC and Mac is only $19.99 until June 23! Get it! 

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