Play Puzzle Agent 2 Early With Our Pre-Order Comic Creation Contest

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Puzzle Agent 2 Pre-Orders just went live and we've announced the release date for the follow-up to Nelson Tethers' investigation into the bizarre happenings of Scoggins, Minnesota as June 30! To celebrate the announcement we're holding a contest that will result in five (5) creative individuals that pre-order Puzzle Agent 2 to get access to the FULL GAME before anyone else! Want to know how to win? Read on. 

How to enter: 

Entering the contest is rather easy and is best described via a step by step process. 

1. Pre-order Puzzle Agent 2 from the Telltale Games Store. 

2. Create the funniest captions you can think of for all six of the Puzzle Agent 2 scenes (provided below)in any order you like to make them tell a coherent story and email them, labeled properly to correspond with the name of the scene as labeled in the lower right hand corner of each image, to (Subject Line: PA2 Contest). Be sure to turn your captions in by 2:00 pm (Pacific Time) on June 10, 2011! Your entry email MUST include the email address that you've pre-ordered Puzzle Agent 2 with to be considered . 

3. That's it! We'll announce the winners on the Telltale Games blog on June 13, 2011 and post the winning entries there! Winners will have a download link added to their Telltale Games account shortly afterwards - before Puzzle Agent 2 actually launches! You'll be the first kid on the block with the new hotness that is Puzzle Agent 2! 

Note: No purchase necessary, you can snail mail us your captions sans a pre-order, postage pre-paid, to Puzzle Agent 2 Contest Submission, 101 Glacier Point, Suite E, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA. To be eligible, your entry must be received by 2:00 pm (Pacific Time) on June 10, 2011.

What You Can Win: 

Access to Puzzle Agent 2, before the game even launches! 

Read the rules and see the images you need to caption to win early access to Puzzle Agent 2 after the jump! [readmore]


All entries must be received by 2:00 pm (Pacific Time) on June 10, 2011. 

Contest is not open to residents of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Sudan, Puerto Rico, or the province of Quebec. 

Please don't be vulgar in your entries, keep it rated PG! 

One contest entry per person.

For the full contest rules Click Here

And that's about it in terms of details. 

Now, about those images you need to caption, here they are. 

Now that you know what you need to do to get to play Puzzle Agent 2 early what are you waiting for? Go pre-order the game and enter the contest by emailing your captions to (Subject Line: PA2 Contest)!

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