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Announcing the Puzzle Agent 2 Caption Contest Winners

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Well, the time has come to announce the five winners of the Puzzle Agent 2 caption contest (read the blog describing it HERE)! We received a lot of great entries but these were the ones that elicited the most chuckles! 

Drum roll please...The winners and their winning words in no particular order at all after the jump! [readmore]

Evan Salce

1. Nelson and Man: It's been over forty-five minutes and he's STILL staring at his shows. Guess the puzzle of shoe-tying is too much for him to comprehend! I don't think he'll notice if I slip out of the office for the rest of the day...

2. Doorway: Well, it only took me 20 pieces of gun to figure it out, but I finally found my way home in that blizzard! Now that' Im home though, I feel like I'm forgetting something...something BIG! Maybe a walk through my ominous backyard forest will help me remember...

3. Hidden Person: (After Nelson has aimlessly wandered in the forest for hours) What you seek is close to your heart...

4. Hat: Oh yeah, that's where I left my hat! 

5. Fright: Thanks obscenely red garden gn-OH MY GOSH!!!!!

6. Nelson and Woman: Hi hon - Wait a minute, Im not married! Um...I've got some gum if you'd like some?

Susan Smith

1. Fright: THAT’S my hotel?

2. Doorway: Oh, no, no, no this won’t do at all.

3. Nelson and Woman: What do you mean, it’s the last room in town?  This is Scoggins in wintertime, for goodness sake.

4. Hat: I’ll just go find another hotel, thank you very much.

5. Hidden Person: Or, maybe not.

6. Nelson and Man: You’re fired, Mr Travel Agent.  And get a haircut!

Billy Galant

1. Nelson and Man: The new intern was actually so good at puzzle research that I was kicked out of my job, and he replaced me.

2. Nelson and Woman: I tried to hook up with another puzzle institute, but apparently I still wasn’t good enough.

3. Doorway: I finally stopped trying and opened my own freelance puzzle agency in a hotel room.

4. Hat: I was kicked out of the hotel room due to the fact that I wasn’t able to pay for it.

5. Fright: And when all was lost, I was shocked to find my next path!

6. Hidden Person: I had just found my new boss!

Andrew Brook

1. Nelson and Man: When your office is done up at your employer's expense, it's rare that anyone sees anything to admire in the decor, and yet Nelson Tethers soon discovers that everybody wants to take a look at the new HQ of the Puzzle Division.
2. Doorway:  The Story So Far..... frankly, the office was looking a little bit drab....
3. Fright: ...and it was while Nelson was out on a case that he realised that if the Puzzle Division ended its financial year with an underspend, the budget would be cut for the following fiscal period (oh, the horror).
4. Hat: Fortunately, Nelson had long ago developed the habit of keeping any business cards that people handed to him in the course of his work, storing them securely in the band running round the inside of his hat.
5. Hidden Person:  As Nelson got out his mobile phone and dialled the number on one particular business card, which he had been given during that nasty business of the murder in the fabric warehouse, he suffered a few pangs of guilt - if any of those nasty, bean-counting, gnomes-of-Zurich-types in the FBI's accounting department had taken it into their heads to keep an eye on him and covertly monitor him and his expenses claims, he would be in trouble for what he was about to do....
6. Nelson and Woman:  And Now The Story Continues... Nelson had shooed away that guy who had been looking down at the floor in the first picture and admiring his stylish new interlocking-puzzle-piece-pattern carpet, and now another, rather more charming, co-worker had come round for a chat (ostensibly to congratulate him for his good taste in home furnishings); Nelson was ready to try and solve a new puzzle - that of the meaning of that glint in her eye...

Gabriel Henkes

1. Nelson and Man: I'm telling you Tethers; she's into puzzles.

2. Fright: Oh no! I forgot my hat!!

3. Hat: Oh wait…here it is… gotta look good!

4. Doorway: Hmm… not sure about this wallpaper… she better really like puzzles.

5. Nelson and Woman: Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me.

6. Hidden Person: Tethers is distracted. Begin Project Coconut!!

Want to place the pictures with the words? Use the images on the contest rules blog

Winners will have their early copy of Puzzle Agent 2 added to their account in the near future - I'll send them an email when it goes live for them. Congratulations to our winners! Thanks again for playing.

Thanks so much to all who entered!

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