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Telltale Soars Across the Internet - June 13-17

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This week's Telltale Soars Across the Internet roundup is a video heavy one - and an A.J. Locascio heavy one to boot! A.J. was hanging out with us at the Telltale Games meeting room during E3 last week so a number of folks that stopped by got to chat with him and talk Back to the Future. 

First up, we have a write-up by the fine folks at Comic Book Resources about our upcoming The Walking Dead project! They detail the new information we revealed about the game at E3, including the art from above. 

Link: Comic Book Resources' The Walking Dead Rises at E3 Story

Next up, the always hilarious Lisa Foiles goes into the gory details of her E3 2011 experience. She stopped by the Telltale Games meeting room during E3 and nabbed one of our Barbasol can press kits - the opening of which is documented on video. Yes, A.J. Locascio appears in this video. 

Link: Kotaku: What You Really Missed at E3 2011

The cool dudes from The Nerdy Show also stopped by while A.J. was hanging around our booth and chatted him up a bit. A.J. was wearing an authentic vintage jacket that may or may not have been owned by some unsavory fellows back in the 1970's, so watch the video to learn more about that! 

Link: The Nerdy Show - Interview with A.J. Locascio

Finally, the Blistered Thumbs crew gets real with A.J. Locascio (yes, again) and has him let loose with some of his other vocal impressions! Watch the video and be amazed! 

Link: Blistered Thumbs' A.J. Locascio Interview

Stay tuned for the next installment of Telltale Soars Across the Internet!

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