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What Critics Are Saying About Puzzle Agent 2 and More

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Puzzle Agent 2 has been out in the wild for nearly a week now and much of the video game media has gotten their hands on the continued adventures of Nelson Tethers - and they dig it! We've also unleashed a new "Making Of" video for Puzzle Agent 2 for your eyes to behold! That's below!

Here's what a few of the critics have to say about Puzzle Agent 2! 

Pocket Gamer - 8/10

They call Puzzle Agent 2's humor "genuinely laugh-out-loud funny" and have awarded the game the Pocket Gamer Silver Award

Slide to Play - 4/4

The folks at Slide to Play say Puzzle Agent 2's story "never fails to engage" and call the game a "must have".

VGRevolution - 8/10

They particularly enjoyed the Puzzle Agent 2's "charming graphics, talented voice-acting, music that plays on cue, and a witty script".

Blistered Thumbs - 9/10

They liked the puzzles so much they found themselves "looking forward to the next chance to test my wits as for the next amusing cutscene or moment of character interaction", suggesting readers to "Buy it now"! 

MMGN - Highly Recommended

They call the experience of playing Puzzle Agent 2 "one that will stick with you long after the final puzzle is solved".

What did you think about Puzzle Agent 2?

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