Summer Sales = Stay Inside and Play Games All Summer

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Who needs the outdoors, physical activity, sunlight, vitamin D, and the tan that often comes with summer when you can spend the entire time inside an air conditioned edifice playing video games you got for a song? Some of Telltale's more recent titles have caught the summer bug on a couple of our partners' points of purchase and gone down in price for a limited time! 


Get Poker Night at the Inventory for 33% off (that's $3.33 for the math-uninterested like myself) today! As well as being about the going price of lemonade from the neighbor kid's stand, Poker Night at the Inventory has also gotten a brand new Steam Summer Sale Achievement for you to unlock! Don't forget, Poker Night at the Inventory also comes with unlockable Team Fortress 2 items for your enjoyment as well! - LINK

P.S. The Telltale Games complete pack (all of our games) is only $49.99 for the entirety of the Steam Summer Sale. - LINK

PlayStation Network

From July 12 until July 19, the full season of Back to the Future: The Game for the PlayStation 3 is only $13.99 (or $9.79 for PlayStation Plus subscribers) during the PSN Summer Sale 2011! - LINK

You know what to do guys and girls, stay inside and play some games this summer! 

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