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Back to the Future Collector DVD and Deluxe Edition Now Available

posted by TelltaleGames Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users

Guys and gals, we're super excited to announce that we've just made the Collector's and Deluxe Editions of the Mac and PC version of Back to the Future: The Game live and available to order and added some new merchandise to the store! For the first time ever, you'll be able to physically get your hands on Back to the Future: The Game "feelies" (remember those cloth maps from your PC games of old?)!

Here's a rundown of all the new stuff:

Collector's Edition: 

It's $24.99 plus shipping or you only pay shipping if you already own the full season of Back to the Future: The Game!* It contains all five episodes and includes behind the scenes videos, team commentaries, trailers, promo art, and more! Longtime fans of our games know just how cool these are!

Deluxe Edition: 

$44.99 plus shipping or pay only $19.99 plus shipping if you already own the full season of Back to the Future: The Game!* Limited to an initial 2,500 piece manufacturing run, the Deluxe Edition features unique Deluxe Edition cover art and contains a Hill Valley Historical Society Photo Album, Doc Brown's Notebook, Trixie Trotter's Postcard, and Doc's Original Flux Capacitor Sketch! Yes, this comes with the Collector's DVD in the box!

You do NOT want to miss out on getting your hands on all of these Hill Valley historical artifacts! 

New Merch:

Now available are a full-size (26"x40") Back to the Future: The Game movie-style poster and an Art-Portfolio featuring 9"x12" suitable-for-framing artwork from the game. Think the Tales of Monkey Island art portfolio on that one! 

That Back to the Future poster is freaking huge, you'll definitely want to display that one proudly!

Oh yeah, place an over $50 order now until August 31 and get 15% off your entire order! All new merch will begin shipping in September. 

What's got you most excited from these new Back to the Future-releated goods in the Telltale Games store?

* To recieve the Collector's Edition for the cost of shipping of the Deluxe Edition for $19.99 plus shipping, you must have purchased the season (PC/Mac) from the Telltale Games Store. Sorry, we can't extend this offer to iPad, PSN, or other PC/Mac purchase outlet customers.

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