PSA: Hector: Episode 3 - Beyond Reasonable Doom for PC/Mac is Now Available

::Obscene British things!::Hector: Epsisode 3 - Beyond Reasonable Doom is now available to folks that play the adventures of the dirty Detective Inspector Hector on PC and Mac! 

Click the above image to access the full-size image.

If you already own the full season of Hector: Badge of Carnage via the Telltale Games Store, than all you have to do is mosey on over to your My Telltale (that little joystick icon the upper right portion of our site) page and download the episode! 

If you already own Hector: Episode 1 - We Negotiate With Terrorists via the Telltale Games Store and want to get in on the rest of the Hector action, purchase the Hector Full Season upgrade via our Hector site! It's only $9.99 to upgrade!

And of course, if you're totally new to Hector, you can purchase the full season outright for $19.99! LINK

So go play Hector: Episode 3 - Beyond Reasonable Doom now and save Clappers Wreake from certain doom!

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