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Read About the Loebner Award Winning Rosette - A Chatbot By Bruce Wilcox

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We welcome our robot overlords. That's what we'll be saying if the advances in artificial intelligence that Telltale core engineer Bruce Wilcox and others like him keep up like they have been. Bruce, winner of last year's Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence with his chatbot Suzette, is back at it as he's just won this year's contest with his newest smartbot, Rosette!

Wondering what the Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence is? Well (and if you're reading this out loud you'll want to take a deep breath), it's an annual contest where four judges deem which of the competing chatbots is the most "human-like", with the determination being made by a judge posing questions simultaneously via computer entry to both an actual human and the chatbot (the Turing test). If the judge is unable to discern whether they're talking to the chatbot or a human, or is actually fooled, the chatbot passes the Turing test. The chatbot that convinces the most judges is declared the winner. You can learn more about the Loebner Prize on the official home page. 

While Bruce's chatbot projects are truly a passion for him, the technology behind the bots goes hand in hand with the types of research and development we do here at Telltale. In fact, the technology you see in Rosette is a glimpse at something you may see in one of our future games, and you can talk to Rosette now! Just follow the link below and start chatting with her now! What types of games do you think this technology would be perfect for?

Want to learn more about Bruce? He recently did a write-up about himself right here on the Telltale Games blog. Read it here!

Want to try chatting with Rosette now? Follow this link!

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