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Welcome...To Our New Jurassic Park Website

posted by TelltaleGames Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 487 users

In the words of Jurassic Park's indomitable chief engineer John Arnold, "hold on to your butts" as we introduce you to our brand new Jurassic Park: The Game site! This site, along with the Telltale Games blog, is your best resource for information about the upcoming return to Isla Nublar - launching on November 15.

What you see today is "stage one" of the site, much like John Hammond planned the development of Jurassic Park to be rolled out, first with the wildlife preserve followed by the amusement park. Soon, you'll be able to return to the site and enter "stage two" where we'll have more information about various sites around Isla Nublar and the types of animals InGen has brought back to life. 

So now, make your way over to the new Jurassic Park: The Game site and get the latest scoop on the park that paleontologist Alan Grant has decided not to endorse.

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