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The thing that's bugged me with Telltale's Sam & Max...

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Well, I guess I'm about to write a bit of a whine post, but I hope you'll bear with me.

You see, the one thing that's really bugged me ever since the start of Season One is that I get the impression that the world of Sam & Max is not as wacky as S&M's street and the other locations they visit. I mean, while the comics (as well as the Lucasarts game) are full of jabs at New Yorkers, the American way and all kinds of kitschy Americana, the Telltale game just fails to convince me that the outrageous characters and events that we get to meet and see in S&M's adventures is really the general way of life in this fictional representation of New York City and the rest of the world.

I understand that we can't have everything since it's obviously not possible to add more than a couple of new rooms each episode given the episodic format, but still I really hope that you'll choose to make Season 3 more "down-to-Earth" than previous installments. For instance, I'd love to explore more of the surrounding blocks of NYC, or maybe we could get to drive off to a more everyday location of the U.S.

I obviously don't want you to make a new HtR, but still I must say that I loved having a game where you just visit gas stations and various tourist attractions, and thus show off Steve Purcell's truly unique take on the USA.

Just some thoughts.
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  • tabacco wrote: »

    or you could try this. I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Life of D. Duck. ;)
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    Well, how the heck do you think you can tangle with Santa, Moai heads, the fountain of youth, the moon, the German vampire scene, the White House, Hell and Satan without leaving New York?! Oh, wait, you actually didn't have to leave the street to tangle with Hell and Satan (Typical!).

    So, it seems like your complaint is either that the format is too strict (Which is has to be) or that the plot is too grandiose (Which... well, why shouldn't it be?). Mind you, it would also be great if they could whip up another full-length game with lots of new locations to visit, even if they were all locations in the USA (Or even all in New York). I think that prolly any direction they decide to take the series in will be similarly-if-not-equally as great, though. So I'm not really against what you're saying, and I'm enough of a brown-nosing fan to agree that it would be good if Telltale worked to appease your complaints (Because I will agree that Telltale doing ANYTHING is a good thing. I.e., I would also agree that it would be good if Telltale did NOT bother working to appease your complaints).
  • I miss the ball of twine... >,< and the vortex!
    there are a lot of "crazy" stuff that felt missing in the telltale seasons, like the burning tire mountain, and of course mnt rushmore (with bungee from the noses of the presidents). though I really like the clouds out of the office. XD
    hmm... actually I can't find anything as crazy as the original sam and max game locations.

    also I felt the missing of the hallway between the office and the street, though it's not so important. XD
    bosco's store is my favorite I guess. ^;^

    I think one of the problems is that the 3d makes the screens look smaller with less action...
    I dunno. take the fishworld from the original game for example. it had huge backgrounds, and the fisherman was fishing... I dunno, it felt more alive, big and colorful.
    whlie season's 1 locations cannot be compared to season's 2 (which were awesome), I dunno... it always feels like something is missing. maybe the characters and NPC's arn't using the enviroment enough.

    oh, jurgen talking in the phone and dancing jumped to mind. XD ya, the parts with jurgen felt alot more alive.
  • tabacco wrote: »

    Dude! thanks! I didn't know that existed!

    MRe: Still not whiny. As great as the games are, I don't think they 'break the fourth wall' nearly often enough. If ever. Sam & Max should be commenting dryly on their surroundings and ignorance of those who have created them, as they have in all their previous incarnations.
    Sarcasm, Sarcasm, Sarcasm.

    Jai, pick a side. Where's "The Vision", man?

    Amaterasu: i don't think we need to bring back HTR locations, but you bring up a good point about the environments seeming less vast than in HTR.
    I think Telltale should approach locations in a way that they make fun of it. Current locations are great though, I gotta admit you're doing a good good job at Stinky's, the office is pretty good (though could use cleanup) etc.
  • Me either til the other day when I saw it in a news post over at adventure gamers :)
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    I'm not really complaining that the locations are too small or the plots too restricted or anything. What I'm aiming for is those over-the-top american stereotypes and ditto cultural ignorance that could be found in the comics and the Lucasarts game. Not necessarily in the spoken dialogue, mind you, but rather in the broader feel of the game and the setting.

    For instance, when S&M visit a location abroad it would be nice if you were given the impression that all the game designer knew of the place is something he/she saw on the TV the other night. In the very first published comic ("Monkeys violating the heavenly temple"), we got to see Steve Purcell's take on the Phillipines: a strange land containing everything from kangaroos to the Eiffel tower (iirc), and with lots of joke about the author's obvious cultural ignorance. There really is great potential in Telltale's take on both Easter Island and Stuttgart, but neither of them is exaggerated enough for any kind of self-mockery.

    The US locations we get to see in the games - like the establishments of Bosco and Stinky - are usually great, and are just as they should be filled with lots of background gags in the form of various products, posters, etc. The only thing I think is a big miss here is that our heroes far too often react to things as though they were out of the ordinary. I miss the kind of comedy that would arise whenever something completely weird happens, but S&M just disregards it as though they don't find it one bit out of the ordinary.
    mish wrote: »
    MRe: Still not whiny.

    Aw... :(
  • I do seem to recall at least /one/ joke in Season 2 where Sam comments on the scenery and Max says "drawn without reference material, apparently". Might be Stuttgart, could be Hell.
  • Yeah the new games don't have as much biting sarcasm as hit the road..but I'm sure Mike Stemmle will rectify that in season 3..
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    bai_ganyo BANNED
    I have to say, that I LOVE this pomp, bringing down the American goverment, the Internet, Hell, travelling through time, though I don't know, what could happen next, that can be bigger, than season 2. I too would find it funny, if, after doing all this superhero work, in 301 S&M would have to find a missing bracelet or something trifle as that and come across funny ,down to earth' stuff on the way.

    But even if in season 3 S&M conquer the universe and several parellel universes, it's fin with me, if it stays as brilliant as the second season. I give you free hand on everything Telltale, you'll work it out.

    P.S. by the way, what's that green icon, I used supposed to be?
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    Will BANNED
    It's a fingerprint icon for the CSI games.
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