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What Critics and Fans Are Saying About Jurassic Park: The Game [Updated]

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Jurassic Park: The Game has burst through the majestic entrance gates to Isla Nublar's wondrous biological preserve and is out in the wild. Fans of the classic Jurassic Park film are delighting in the game's nods to Steven Spielberg's cinematic masterpiece and we've collected some of their thoughts for you here! 

Here's what some of them are saying:

Brutal Gamer: 

"Telltale has produced one of the most interestingly designed adventure games I've ever played." - 4.5/5


"The often conflicting motivations of these individuals give rise to a fascinating dynamic as they attempt to work together for survival even as they sometimes try to undermine each other's goals, and it's absorbing to see the ways in which they sometimes pose as much of a threat to each other and themselves as do the deadly predators romaing the island. Strong dialogue gets you invested in these people; warm banter between Gerry and Jess quickly gives you a sense of their history, for instance, and the idealogical arguments that flare up in the group help you understand what drives characters to take certain desperate actions, even when you object to those actions."


"Jurassic Park: The Game is a fantastic addition to the Jurassic Park franchise...the style suits the fast pace of the game brilliantly." - 4/5


"the script, characters, and pacing are everything I could hope for from a Jurassic Park follow-up"

Adventure Gamers: 

"The game does a great job of hooking itself into the Jurassic Park mythos, feeling like a natural extension of the film...The writing is solid, if not remarkable, with likable, fleshed-out characters"


"The greatest strength of Jurassic Park: The Game is its writing, and Telltale has outdone itself with characters that develop along with the Lombard Street-like twists and turns of the storyline. Every character in the game has traits that are good, bad, and somewhere in-between, and they all come out as you fight for your lives on an island filled with dinosaurs hell-bent on making you lunch."

Jurassic Park Legacy:

"Telltale Games has really shown their love for the series with this game. The attention to detail proves that you can still make entertaining stories from the JP franchise and that most of all the fans will enjoy it as long as the writing and the attention to detail are there." - 9.9/10

Cinema Blend:

"Jurassic Park: The Game has the best and most engaging “end boss battle” in recent memory. It showcases the best parts of the game and serves as a perfect ending. The one last frantic dinosaur encounter really captured the magic of the movie."

Pocket Gamer:

"It feels like Jurassic Park. Perhaps closer to its source material than any of the point-and-click studio's previous adventures. The presentation is top-notch too, with a strong atmosphere, great voice acting, and gorgeously rendered dinos."

Flesh Eating Zipper:

"Some of my favorite moments included subtle call backs from the first film. It honestly felt as if a camera crew got lost from the rest of the production company and decided to film the last stragglers on the park." - 4/5

The Telltale community has also been roaring about Jurassic Park: The Game! Here's what a couple of them have been saying in the forums: 


"The attention to detail of everything within the park and the dinosaurs themselves... right down to atmosphere and environment, was simply stunning. Everything breathes life as it should, and everything just as we left it back in 1993."


"This was worth the wait and I never thought I'd say it but, it's your best game to date and you have done the Jurassic Park fans a service with this game."

Are you guys enjoying Jurassic Park: The Game so far? Let's hear what you have to say in the comments!

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