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Good Job Detective - Law & Order: Legacies Team Photos

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It's a Telltale tradition to take team photos while dressed to the nines on a game's launch day and it was no different for the Law & Order: Legacies team!

The team had a little bit of fun with this tradition for the Law & Order: Legacies launch and got into the spirit of some of the game's unique aspects. If you've played the game, you'll recognize this "Good Job Detective" screen from instances where you display excellence in your criminal investigation skills. 

*This shot was taken just moments after the previous one as Law & Order: Legacies producer Dave Felton was shot down in cold blood. The rest of the Law & Order: Legacies team leapt into action to discover more information using the knowledge they acquired while working on the game. 

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*Dave Felton is just fine. 

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