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Vote for Telltale in The Escapist 2012 Developer Showdown [Updated]

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It's March, and for college hoops fans it means March Madness but the folks at The Escapist have made something for video game fans too - the annual Developer Showdown. Each year, fans vote for their favorite video game studio in a battle to the end and this year Telltale Games faces off against Harmonix in the first round of the tourney!

The tournament's winners are dictated by fans so if you think Telltale Games should be the top dog in this year's contest we'll need your votes! Head over to The Escapist's 2012 March Mayhem Developer Showdown page and fill out out your bracket then return from March 8-10 to cast your lot with your favorite developers for the first round of voting! We love our friends at Harmonix, but right now - this means war! 

So get those tournament brackets filled out and make sure to get your votes in! 

UPDATE: We've made it to round 2 of the tournament and we're up against Infinity Ward! Get your round 2 votes in now!

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