Meet The Walking Dead Survivors: Lee and Clementine

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The Walking Dead's launch on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, and Mac is creeping closer and we want you to get to know some of the unfortunate souls that live in the world after the dead rise from the grave. 


First up is Lee Everett. Lee hails from Macon, Georgia but finds himself in Atlanta (on the way out actually) as he's being transported to prison. Lee's life took a turn for the worst after being convicted of murdering the man that had been getting a little too close to his wife. Lee's a strong yet pensive man that will fight hard when it comes to that.

Clementine comes from a loving family. She's smart and can hold her own if necessary - known to spend hours building elaborate make-believe tales in her treehouse rather than watch cartoons or play with dolls. She's a brave little one but closes up if she gets scared. Clementine is a girl of substance, letting her actions speak louder than her words.

Stay tuned for more updates and information about our game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic series The Walking Dead coming soon!

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