The Second Episode of The Walking Dead Shuffles to iOS Next Week

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We've got some great news for fans playing The Walking Dead (or Walking Dead: The Game as it's known on the iTunes App Store) on the go; the emotional story of survival in a world completely devastated by the undead continues next week as Episode Two - Starved for Help will make its debut on iOS next week via in-app purchase! 

We're thrilled to bring the iOS version of Starved for Help, the episode that won GameSpy's Best Adventure Game award at E3 2012 on PC and was nominated for Overall Best Game of Show by IGN! With the first episode, A New Day, the iOS version has already won over critics like Mac Life, awarding the app an impressive 5/5 saying, "Walking Dead: The Game is already a game-of-the-year contender on other platforms, but it's an even better fit for iOS devices."

Since Starved for Help is available via in-app purchase, all you will need to do next week to get your hands on it is fire up Walking Dead: The Game (universal app), select the "Episodes" option on the main menu, and buy the episode from the subsequent screen! If you have already purchased the Multi-Pack, you will see a notification on the menu screen informing you that your episode is ready for download from within the app itself.

Episode Two - Starved for Help can be purchased individually for $4.99 or as part of the Multi-Pack, an Episode 2-5 bundle, for $14.99! Take advantage of the Multi-Pack and save 25% from the price of purchasing each episode separately as they are released in the future. 

How will you get ready to hop back into Lee Everett's blood-stained shoes on iOS? Watch out for this episode hitting next week!

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