Robert Kirkman Gets Into The Gory and Emotional Details of The Walking Dead

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A couple of the fellas at and the PlayStation Blog recently had a chance to catch up with Robert Kirkman, the creator and mastermind behind the Eisner award-winning The Walking Dead as well as an executive producer on AMC's hit The Walking Dead TV show! They grilled him on a number of juicy subjects and I've dropped a few tidbits below to whet your appetite!'s Anthony Gallegos quizzed Robert Kirkman on what his inspiration was for the horrible world and dramatic downward spiral of The Walking Dead and he said (mostly) jokingly that "A big part of it is my horrible outlook on life. I always like to dwell on the negative and see the bad things... I feel like I'm very analytical and, uh, very depressed." If you keep up with the comic book series, you know that the world Rick Grimes and company live in is a miserable one. Read the entirety of's piece on their interview with Robert Kirkman here!

Also, Sid Shuman from the PlayStation Blog wanted to know why Robert Kirkman chose Telltale to create the game based on The Walking Dead comic universe and Robert cited that part of it was the fact that our games are "...focused on the emotional, dramatic component" rather than "being chased by zombies". Reviewers have felt the same way, praising the game's emphasis on emotion, drama, and narrative, with publications like The New York Times saying in their review of Episode One, "...moments have more sadness and subtlety in them than other games muster in 40 hours." Check out the full PlayStation Blog interview with Robert Kirkman here!

We're expecting to have some anxiously awaited release date news in the near future for Episode Three - Long Road Ahead and the iOS release of Episode Two - Starved for Help, so stay tuned to the Telltale Blog for the latest as soon as it happens! Thank you again to everyone for your patience, we're looking forward to fans getting their hands on the next episode as soon as possible. 
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