What do we have in the Poker Night 2 pot?

TelltaleGamesTelltaleGames Telltale Staff

Winning is good, but what good is being Pockets McMoneybags in Poker Night 2 if you can't show off your imaginary wealth? Worry not! In-game unlock rewards mean you can deck the entire Inventory in the theme of your choosing - Portal, Borderlands, The Venture Bros., Army of Darkness or Sam & Max - so you can rub your winnings in those losers' faces!

Of course, in-game unlocks are fine and dandy, but you can also show off your elite pokering skills in other games and other places. Depending on the platform you're playing on, you can win and unlock cool stuff for Borderlands 2 (consoles/Steam), Team Fortress 2 (Steam only), Avatar Items for Xbox 360, or some sweet (and completely exclusive) PlayStation 3 themes.

The Unlocks Showcase trailer here explains it all, and features a few more sneak peeks at what we'll see at the Inventory in Poker Night 2!

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