[UPDATED] Play The Walking Dead with Telltale

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days, the new DLC for Season One, is soon set to release in July... but because we just can't wait that long, we've lined up something SUPER special for next week!

Join us virtually here at Telltale HQ as we play through the entire first season of The Walking Dead on Twitch TV! Each day we'll have a different guest on site (think dev team and voice actors) to assist in surviving the undead hordes. You'll be able to chat with us in real time and help us make all the important life-or-death decisions, right on the spot. Be sure to tune in for some possible sneaky hints about 400 Days and Season Two, as well as a chance to win some of our awesome giveaway goodies!

Episodes will begin at 12pm noon PDT each day on the Telltale Games Twitch channel.  

  • Monday, June 24 – Episode 1: A New Day
    Guests include Lead Sound Designer Lazar Levine & Composer Jared Emerson-Johnson
    Watch the archived video here

  • Tuesday, June 25 – Episode 2: Starved for Help
    Guests include Episode Two writer Mark Darin & actor Terry McGovern, aka LARRY 
    Watch the archived video here

  • Wednesday, June 26 – Episode 3: Long Road Ahead
    Guests include Episode Three Director Eric Parsons, Designer Harrison Pink & actor Gavin Hammon, aka KENNY
    Watch the archived video here

  • Thursday, June 27 – Episode 4: Around Every Corner
    Guests include Episode Four writer and story consultant Gary Whitta & actor Trevor Hoffman, aka BEN
    Watch the archived video here

  • Friday, June 28 – Episode 5: No Time Left
    Guests include actors Dave Fennoy & Melissa Hutchison, aka LEE and CLEMENTINE!
    Watch LIVE here

We'll be live in the chat room and on Twitter (@telltalegames) answering your questions and giving away lots of free stuff, including limited-edition swag and download codes for Season One of the series to get you ready for 400 Days before it launches next month.

Can't WAIT to share all this with you guys! 

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