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Sam & Max Merchandise Bundle #2 + Surfin The Highway Hardcover?

posted by oldbushie on - last edited - Viewed by 342 users
Could it be possible to add an option for the Sam & Max Merchandise Bundle #2 to substitute the hardcover of Surfin The Highway for a slightly higher price (for a limited time of course)? I really want to buy everything Telltale-related that I can now that I've got a regular full time job.
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  • We can't do the hardcover as part of a bundle since it's still in preorder (our system wouldn't support it). Sorry.
  • Ah well, I went ahead and got the two limited edition things along with the Freelance DVD for now, and perhaps if there is a Season 1 + Season 2 bundle in the near future I'll buy that when it comes. ;) I played most of the games on Gametap but I want to own the physical copies, especially since I quit Gametap due to their removal of Myst Online: Uru Live.
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