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What happened with the Collector's Edition?

posted by nomecopies on - Viewed by 9.8K users

I bought this game long time ago, and I was expecting to order the Collector's Box in the future (I was hoping for a Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us DVD to save on the shipping costs, but I'm giving up hope...) but now with the new website... There is no store! It's only possible to buy the digital downloads of the games, but what happened with the rest of the awesome merchandise? I miss the shirts, the figures and so on... I hope it's only a temporal glitch or something or I'll be very sad.

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    JessW_TTG Telltale Alumni

    Hey nomecopies!
    Unfortunately we are no longer doing physical copies of games or merchandise. Everything is now digital. To access the store for any of the games, just click on the Game tab up top, select a game, then select to buy now. This will place the item in your cart and then you can checkout from there. It is possible that in the future, we will offer some physical goods. But for now, it is as is.

    • Just to clarify, no physical copies, period?

      Or just none sold thru Telltale`s website? Can we expect Telltale games to still be for sale on disc at shops /stores?
      Ie bricks and mortar shops?

      • I am with Mike I would really like to know this

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        Jennifer Moderator

        It's just through their store. There still are and will be physical discs for their games for sale at retailers and online outside of Telltale's website, but which titles get physical discs will depend, as always, on how well the game sells and how much of a demand there is for a physical release.

        • Thanks Jennifer! I am more of a physical games guy and not a digital and love the games TellTale makes and really want to play Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead Season 2 on PS3/PS4. I would imagine then that Jurassic Park did not make it to disc cause of the bad reviews, thats a shame.

  • Bad news then. I would have ordered some merch before the change if I had known. Thanks for the response anyway.

  • That's a shame. The physical goods (the comic book, DVDs, soundtrack CDs, ...) and the nice demos was what attracted me the most about Telltale games. It is possible that in the future, I will place another order. But for now, it is as is.

  • i'm hoping we get some news about S2 at some point. if there is going to be one that is.

  • NOOOooooo!!! Just as I was about to purchase the game, and it's gone! I could live without getting the collector's edition, but I really wanted the physical disc to get the extra video content. Please tell me that there are some leftovers that will be sold somewhere soon!

  • Yeah I hope TellTale brings back Physical Versions of their games, I am a PS3 player and have bought all their games on disc and have skipped the download only titles. I really wanted to play Jurassic Park but had to skip it when Xbox 360 was the only console to get the disc :/

  • Now that I'm going to have the WOLF AMONG US DVD (yay!) I'd really love to order BACK TO THE FUTURE Collector's Edition at the same time. Still no hope of getting it back? :(

  • Crap. This stinks. I should have gotten my free physical copy when I had the chance!!

  • well i should have ordered when i had the chance..i loved the dads and the extra content that came with them :*(

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