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my game is lost

posted by texmarques on - Viewed by 707 users

you guys lost my game. Ive been playing the walking dead since june, and a few days ago when I tried to play it said that my tellltale account didnt have a license for the game. I figured it was a conection problem that had happened before, so Ieft for a few. today I tried to play again, and no luck. I went to my e-mail account, got to my confirmation message and clicked the links they have there for my account. alas, it was a broken link. so I came here, logged in and, surprise, surprise, theres no record of me ever buying the game! thats absurd! I want to know what you guys are going to do about this. I have my order ID and everything, but theres no reason that shouldve happened in any case.

  • Same thing happened to the games linked to my account (Sam and Max 2 & 3; wallace and gromit, bttf, pn1, tomi, bone 1/2, Texas hold'em and Strong Bad: Dangeresque 3). I have most of them on DVDs or Steam, but I would still like to be able to download them on this site again.

  • Sooo... My games still don't show up. Should I write an e-mail with my order-numbers (is the support-adress still or would it be enough to post them here?

  • I wrote and e-mail a few weeks ago, and while it was answered the issue wasnt solved. I want to know when you guys are giving me my game back.

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