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TWD on Vita is a technical mess

posted by zombit on - Viewed by 4.2K users

I bought TWD for my Playstation Vita last night and played through the first episode. What a stuttering mess! Every time there's a transition from one scene to another the game freezes slightly. It is really impacting the experience and breaking immersion. How can such a simple game run this badly?

Did you really think that the game was in any way ready to ship in its current state? If you did, you need to take a good long look at yourselves and ask if you really take this little pride in your games. The game must be utterly terribly coded to run like it does.

I went from the simple TWD game to the technically brilliant Killzone: Mercenary and then back to TWD and I was like... wat? How can you make something this simple run like a chained snail in a pit of salt?

When can we expect TWD to be patched into an actually release-worthy product instead of this beta quality mess? It really is quite a stuttering mess. I'm waiting on feedback from Telltale!

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