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One true pairings.

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Come on pour your out on on your favorite pairings in the walking dead! Or any other pairings you got in the game. NOT BASHING ON OTHER PEOPLE'S COUPLES PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T! I SEEN ENOUGH OF THEM!

Me? Im a die hard fan of Lark (MarkXLilly) I write plenty of fanfictions on them on fanfiction net (I highly recommend "Voices") heck I even made a fan child for them! (Clearly my OTP)

I also adore Carlee (LeeXCarley) I started shipping them before episode 3 actually. XD

Anyone else got any pairings they want to talk about? Go ahead.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Why, Larry and Lee of course. I could always see the sparks flying between the two.

  • Ah yes, Not even after getting punch in the face by him Lee could not resist the charm coming out of Larry's ass.

  • Mark and Lilly? Why? They had barely any interaction besides when she was shouting at everyone for bringing Ben and co. back to the motel, unless I'm forgetting something. Not bashing - just genuinely curious. :)

    Well, I did enjoy the blossoming romance between Lee and Carley before.. ya know.

    Bonnie and Leland.. anyone else thought they were cute? Just me? Okay... :(

    • Well its kind of a funny story, I made some walking dead sims on my xbox game, I had a saved file. I made a few walking dead sims, Mark and Lilly being among them, My friends dared me to give Mark the flirty trait and great kisser trait. And well I went to feed my dog I noticed I didn't pause my game and when I got back Mark was making out with Lilly in front of my Larry sim. XD. It was even more weird when he walked in on them woohooing...

      Another reason is because in unused lines Lilly says she thinks Mark's a decent guy, not saying this was leading to a romance but it sort of tricked me off since after episode 2 we never hear about Mark again, and I always wondered what the rest of the group though of him, he seemed fairly likable. And when Lilly says "Your only here because you had food!" I can think of some angst fanfiction from that.

      Hmmmm BonnieXLeland is alright....We only just met them and the other 400 days cast so I can't really state feeling about them as a couple right now, (I found in the game you don't know how you feel about everyone until you re-played the game a few times or till the end)

      • I have a feeling we won't be seeing any more of Leland, judging from what Becka had said to Bonnie at the camp. Would have been nice to see their flirtatious teasing continue in Season 2, but I shall remain hopeful.

        I mean, I don't necessarily want an all out romance Bioware style and potentially turn the game into a dating sim (don't get me wrong, I love romance storylines in games, but I don't think they have any place in a zombie apocalypse!) buuuut it would be nice to escape all the doom and gloom for a change.

  • Don't kill me... Whispers Lee/Lilly...

    • I'm with you. Lee/Lilly

    • I have no idea why I shipped them so hard cx

  • Carlee forever! I really thought they would make it out alive and raise Clem together and they probably would have done if it wasn't for Lily...

    I also like Wyatt/Eddie :D

  • I ship Lee and Lilly soooo much and Lilly and Kenny! I know they will never happen but still!

  • Probably strange but..I kind of shipped Nate and Russell from the 400 days dlc.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    Carley and Lee...

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