Kenny and Shane

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Did anybody think that kenny and Shane acted a lot alike I'm mean besides cheating with ur best friends wife.


Reasons i think this.
In episode three when u have a choice to either shoot the girl being attacked by walkers kenny wanted u to leave her.
In the show Shane leaves Otis as zombie bate.
Both Kenny and Shane are over protective,
Just throwing this out here post if ya want

"Lee lee it's okay"
"No ken its not"
"This is just something I gotta do u know that"
Kenny before his presumed dead,


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    no, the two scenarios are nothing alike, shane shoots Otis in the leg, whereas kenny just wants to do nothing, while not being a good samaritan is still a bad thing it's not the same as actively injuring someone for your own gain

  • what do you mean by overprotective? More like they always want to save their own ass.

  • Like Kenny was protective of his family and Shane was protective of Lori and Carl. Kenny was not as evil though. Haha my sister posted this I realy don't know what she ment, I'm guessing she ment what I wrote about Kenny protected his family and Shane protect Carl and Lori.
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