do you think that kenny is alive or not

i hope he is alive i am crossing my fingers rigth now hoping he is alive


  • I honestly can't say.

    You should check out Mark$man's posts here on this, I think it might give you some hope

    Well... the thing is, why would we see Kenny's corpse? If we are following Clementine's storyline, wouldn't we be out of Savannah? Either he managed to crawl his way out after getting nommed on by walkers and just so happened to come across her, or maybe, JUST MAYBE he's alive? It wouldn't make much sense for Telltale to backtrack right? Why go back through Savannah? Maybe if our main character was in Savannah at the time, but it seems highly unlikely(unless they pull some crazy twist that you are Vernon or something).

    Anyway, so for Kenny's fate to be 'explored', I'm guessing we will see him at some point unless it is Christa and/or Omid that tell her "Oh, and Kenny..." So I'm thinking Kenny plays some part in this, especially because by Gavin Hammon, he said something about a game, don't know which one, but at one point he did say to stay tuned about Kenny. Idk, could have been something different, but he said to keep waiting.

    I don't get why people wouldn't want Kenny in season 2. He's an original, well-developed character with a great voice actor. I think it'd be nice to have someone we are used to and can relate to for beginning the next season. I mean, at the most we have 4-5 'protagonists' from the first season that could show up now (Well, maybe Glenn too I guess or Hershel). I'm not saying Kenny should survive, I mean I'd enjoy him dying not because I hate him, but because he is an awesome TWD character and I feel if he should go out, he should go out with more of a bang. No pointless death, no weak mysterious loss, just a straight-out death like Carley/Doug. But it's just my opinion, eh?

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    I understand that, but for me I want to SEE his death. Hear the screams and everything. Does it sound bad of me? Perhaps. But it would end Kenny's arc right, and it could be a greater heroic death. In truth, Kenny's character isn't exactly done. Right where he was, when his 'redemption' moment happened, his entire personality could shift either way(I'm assuming for the better), so it's not like he'd be the same. Besides, I want a character I'm still emotionally drawn to(which is Kenny/Clem/Omid), so that the game can matter as soon as it starts. If you start off with all new characters again, you have to build everything back up. This time around, we could just jump right into the fun and death while still having build-up for other characters like the six in 400 days :P

  • TBH I kinda hope he's dead, not only was he a prick to me regardless of all the things i did for him and his fam but that was a noble way to go out...

    If that's how he went out...

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