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Purchase Made, Money taken, NO game.

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Hello, i have just purchased the walking dead multi pack (episodes 2-5 + 400 days special episode) after completing the purchase from my iphone, inside the free app, nothing has happened, i click play, "get״ an it takes me back to buy them, the purchase was made and money was taken, the purchase is enlisted inside my history. please help me out ... ps - i tried restore, nothing doingz

  • I have a problem similar to this and I'm pretty upset about it.

    I purchased the multi-pack for 20 dollars, and now the game won't even open.

    I've restarted my iPad 2, and i've uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

    You guys had no problems with taking my money but now the game won't open.

    This was the VERY FIRST time I have EVER paid a dime for an app
    on an apple device.... If this isn't taken care of, It will damn sure be the last time.

  • I also purchased multi-pack and can't open it so far. At first I couldn't get the other episodes even I paid my money, so I tried to uninstall and restore the program. Then the whole things are gone! Please do something about this ASAP otherwise it's gone be all fucked up.

  • I have the same problem, bought the multipack for $19.99 and nothing happened except my money being taken from my card! After doing some research I see this is a problem that has been going on for atleast a year, and Telltale doesn't even have a real support site. This isn't support, this is a community forum!

    There is no download button and do not have any problems with my Internet. I even have the newest iPad with retina display!
    I would advise you to login to your iTunes account, go to the billing history and report a problem with the app. Unfortunately this is not possible in Norway, so if I don't get an answer here or it suddenly starts working I'll have to personally CALL Apple here and make them refund me...

    • Hi All,
      I have exactly the same problem. I bought the multi-pack and I could download episodes 2 - 5. After resetting my iPad due to an issue, I have installed the game and tried to download episodes 2 - 5 but it is asking me to purchase them again. I reported my problem to iTunes and was told to contact Telltale Games.
      Any ideas?

  • I just purchased the bundle of episodes 2-5 and 400 days and even though the payment went through, it keeps telling me I still have to buy the episodes when I go to play them. Bullshit; I DID buy them. What gives? Where's the content we paid for? Why did it take my money and not give me anything? If this is not fixed by the morning, I'm first calling Telltale Games and demanding they fix it ASAP. And if they won't, then I am definitely calling Apple for a refund. Anyone know the phone number for Telltale Games' support people? Or the number for their office? Do we need to go en mass to their front door before they will fix this?

    • Hey, guys, I found their contact info page:

      Mailing Address

      Telltale Games
      P.O. Box 9737
      San Rafael, CA 94912-9737

      Phone: 415.258.1638
      Fax: 415.258.1795

      These phone numbers are for business inquiries only. We cannot take orders or provide technical support over the phone. If you need help with an order or with one of our games, please contact

      Email Us
      For technical support or compatibility issues with any of our games or assistance with product activation or purchases.
      For press inquiries and review code requests.
      For sending feedback on current games.
      For any other inquiries not covered by the addresses above.

  • I am facing a similar problem , kindly help ASAP

  • This happened to me too. Very disappointing. Reinstalling does nothing. Are you on Ios7, wonder if bugs due to this. Heads up that apple immediately agreed to refund my purchase. Just go to iTunes, purchases, report a problem and they will come back to you within 48 hrs. Got my email yesterday confirming refund but not come through yet.

    The sucky thing is I still want to play the game as first Ep had me hooked. TT games must not care about losing customers I guess.

  • iTunes emailed me FYI

    'You’ll receive your refund within ten business days.'

    Takes a while but at least I will get the refund.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Did you try clicking the button to purchase the multi-pack again? When I reinstalled my game on my own iPad, I was able to get the other episodes to download by doing this. Don't worry, you won't be charged again, since your purchases are tied to your iTunes account.

    • And what do we do if it doescharge us again? Do we go to Apple for a refund if the second charge, or to Telltale Games?

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        Jennifer Moderator

        When you click to buy the multi-pack again, you will get a prompt telling you that you already purchased the multi-pack, and telling you that it will restore your purchase, so you shouldn't worry about being charged.

        But, in the unlikely case that you do get charged again, it would have been an error in the iTunes purchase system, so you would have to contact Apple. I wouldn't worry about this case, since the iTunes purchase system is designed to stop this from happening, so the odds of getting charged again by clicking to purchase something you purchased already are slim to none.

        • I just purchased this game and am experiencing the same problem as everyone else. Your fix does not work. It keeps trying to charge my card as a new purchase. Restoring does not work either. I would like to play the game, but if not who can I get a refund from - Telltale or Apple?

          UPDATE: I just called Apple and they will issue a refund in 5-7 days.

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