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Kenny alive or not

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Sadly I think I have found evidence he may be dead in episode five after lee covered Clem in them walker guts and there walking away from the marsh house I think I saw Kenny! Although I could only see his back,the walker definitely had a hat. I like to think if it was kenny he was doing the same thing as lee and Clem and had covered himself in walker guts. But of course this theory Is highly unlikely, telltale probably wouldn't even put somebody in the back ground that only 20% of people would notice.
I am totally team kenny and like to think he's alive, though I may be in denial. Comment what you all think!

  • That's not Kenny. He doesn't have Ken's mullet, this dude's is shorter and not as magnificent. His face is shaped differently, too. If anything that's closer to Nate than it is Kenny.

    As for Kenny being ALIVE, I certainly hope so. It might make his sacrifice a bit less dramatic, but damnit I want my bro back!

  • He is obviously going to come back as the main antagonist, using scrapped boats to form the MegaBoat, which can be used as a suit to defeat the evil zombambos.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    I hope Kenny is dead.. never could see the love for the character, I thought he was an asshole.

    Whenever I had the chance, I sided with Lilly because she was always right. Kenny only cared about himself and his family - selfish!

    • But........... How......... His mushtache............. Salt licks :(

  • But how could Kenny die in the city if he shows up in the new season? I remember reading something that stated that Season 2 begins several months after Season 1, and Clem won't be going back to Savannah anytime soon. Or ever, probably. This seems to give more weight to the possibility of him being alive. Personally, though I'm a huge Kenny fan and want him to be alive, and disagree that any appearance he makes should be a death scene. What I do agree with, is that he shouldn't be a significant part of the story or a main character in the new season. If he shows up, I'd like for him to help Clem and whoever else is with her out, a little like Vernon did in Episode 4 where he's part of his own group, or by himself, but needs to cooperate with Clem and her group, if she has one, so they can both achieve similar goals. During which, he could talk about his time with Clem and Lee (with differing lines depending on Lee's relationship with him). At the end of the Episode, assuming he made it, he and his crew can part ways with Clem and we never see him again. Bringing him back again just to kill him immediately seems like a waste of a potentially great callback to Season 1 and Lee, from the only person who knew him for nearly as long as Clem.

  • He's alive, stupid. Ran off, got rid of his godlike mustache and eventually got a new job as the magic mirror Dan Akroyd provided him. Unfortunately won't be in season 2.

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