Vita version of Walking Dead is a disgrace

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I never played this game and waited for a Vita version. I usually prefer to play while in bed.
I booted up the game, and while the story and gameplay are superb, the technical issues of this version are significant.

I died so many times because the game freezes for 1-5 secs before you have to take action. So instead of, say, 4 seconds to take action, I actually get like 2.

It's very clear the game was made by - no offence - an incompetent team. The game is superb but on the Vita it's bad and really unpolished and choppy. You should have spent more time fixing it, or given it to another studio for this port.

At the least you should release a patch, but I suppose it won't happen. I'm really disappointed.


  • I completely agree. I made a similar thread a few days ago. Thread link

    I've just started chapter 5 and so far only chapter 3 has been relatively smooth. Some of the scenes in chapter 4/5 have been utterly disastrous.

    Telltale doesn't even respond to our concerns here. It's quite frankly disgraceful. Those responsible for the Vita port have to be severely inept or just not caring/taking pride in their work at all. I can't believe someone said "this is good enough now, ship it".

    My first experience with Telltale is TWD on the Vita and while there's a nice experience hidden under the atrocious port, it's simply not good enough. A disgreaceful effort through and through!

    The Vita is more than capable of running this graphically and mechanically simple game.

    Telltale, are you going to patch the Vita version?

  • I was going to suggest you post this in the support forum but having had a look in there, you're probably not likely to get any timely feedback in that section either right now :(

  • Ugh... still no response. Not a good first impression with Telltale, looks like my last experience with them. I don't take lightly to being ignored when I buy broken software. These guys want their game on every platform, but they put in zero effort and on top of that they ignore customers. What an awesome company!

    Looking at the support forums for the other versions I get the feeling that TTG programmers are completely incompetent.

    So, TTG, are you going to patch/fix the Vita version or not? Did it feel good to take our money for a stuttering mess of a broken game?

  • When you're clueless/have something to hide it's better to keep quiet - just like they're doing.

    zombit posted: »

    Ugh... still no response. Not a good first impression with Telltale, looks like my last experience with them. I don't take lightly t

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    At first I thought if the game is so technically demanding that the Vita can't handle it. But then you play Killzone: Mercenary and think - hell no!
    The "programmers" of this game are obviously clueless and really fucked up.

    Not sure why Telltale agreed to ship the game - it can affect their image and future sales. Also Sony - why did they approve this? My guess is that they want more games on the system - just like when the PS3 was released. But man, this is really bad.

  • I was also going to suggest emailing support directly if you haven't already done so: however, a poster I know on here did just that (he is unable to actually play the damn thing anymore) and has had no response as of yet.

    Telltale have a lot going on right now with the upcoming releases and this decidedly underwhelming and under-functioning new forum, but there really is no excuse to ignore patron concerns. Sorry, guys.

  • SNAP. I just saw in the other thread that you emailed, Loadstone. Fingers crossed :/

  • The better answer...

    SNAP. I just saw in the other thread that you emailed, Loadstone. Fingers crossed

  • Any luck with the email you sent?

  • Hi! It's been while from the last comment on this thread. Is the Vita version still as bad it sounds to be?
    I haven't bought the game yet on any system and was trying to find is Vita port good. And most reviews complain what you have said here. So has there been any patch to fix it, or is it still as bad as it was before?

  • The Vita is a disgrace in general.

  • The Vita ports haven't been fixed and Season 2 is just as bad if not worse than Season 1. Its a damn shame considering the Vita would be an excellent place for this game. The game is only really chopper when theres action but it just ruins the whole atmosphere of the game because you have to do these sequences a dozen times to even succeed in them because the game just locks up

  • Ain't that the truth.

    The Vita is a disgrace in general.

  • Consoles are a disgrace in general

    The Vita is a disgrace in general.

  • I wouldn't go as far as saying that. :/

    Consoles are a disgrace in general

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