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Playable Female Character

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Is anyone interested in Playing a female character or Monkey/Toad just to see how the story pans out.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I'd love the idea. However I'd feel terrible personally if someone hit her or she was hurt. You know against violence on women and all that.

    • Violence against anyone is bad, regardless of gender. ;)

  • Come on guys be brave, think of Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Storm. these women took a licking and kept on ticking.

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    Profanity BANNED

    Shit, I'd be interested in playing every and any character and see how the story pans out but the productions costs... oooooh, think about the production costs!

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      puzzlebox Telltale Staff

      oooooh, think about the production costs!

      entire Telltale production team faints

    • Trust me they've got the dollaz! Actually if they added on DLC like different story lines only available after episode one is complete Telltale could make a lot of money. Just like they did 400 days but download each story line separately.

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        What is Telltale's episodic concept but the idea to produce one main game with four additional DLC packs?

        • TWD has so many great characters and a very big fan base. and because of that fans like me will always want more. It would have been nice to have side story's that a player could experience. like a 30 minuet Carly story that covers what happened during the flower festival and how she met Doug, lily, and her hot headed dad. I really would have liked to play as Lee's brother, so you see I would gladly buy more DLC that doesn't directly focus on the main story line. just forget what I said about the 400 days I confused my damn self reading that.

  • I'd love to play as Snow. She's my favorite character in the comics. With that being said, I was never a big fan of Bigby. Let's hope TWAU can change that!

  • I love Bigby and Snow together but yeah, prequel.

  • I haven't read the comics, but as far as I could understand 'Wolf Among Us' is canon in relation to it, so I wonder how would a woman be canon?

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      Profanity BANNED

      Am I the only one not getting what Warge is saying? Scratching my head doesn't work.

      Oh wait, maybe I got it? I'm not even sure.

      • Ok, I'll try to ask the question in smaller words then:

        'Wolf Among US' is apparently canon in relationship with the comic Fables. Fables is about Wolf, a guy, which is the protagonist in the game 'Wolf Among Us'. How would playing a woman make the game canon in its relationship with the comic Fables? I haven't read the comic, so there might very well be female characters there that could be playable were they set in a game, but the game is about the guy Wolf, not about the possible female character.

        • I think you are misunderstanding the concept of "canon." Two works, be they games or comics or anything else, do not need to share the same protagonist or be a continuation of the story of one character in order to belong to the same canon. They just have to be recognized as describing the same fictional universe. By your logic, The Walking Dead 400 Days would not be considered canonical with Season 1 of The Walking Dead game, since you play as 5 different protagonists rather than the one protagonist from Season 1.

          • As I understand it, Wolf is the guy that is the protagonist in the comic, thus making the game a prequel in a canonical universe. The question here was if we would like to play a female character. I questioned this because of this fact as well as (as far as I know) there isn't a female Wolf character in fables.

            I'm debating on very loose ground here since I don't know anything about the comic. I would say however, that I have a fairly good grasp on what 'canon' means - in TWD, it simply means that the world has gone down the drain because of a zombie outbreak - this isn't limiting the comic, the TV show or even the game, as long as whatever medium you have carry a 'The Walking Dead' sign so to speak.
            Sure, it seems like having set in Georgia during this outbreak is canon, but I'd say it's more because of tradition and because the author choose this very small part of the world to show how a zombie outbreak would affect these people - Rick, Shane and all the others.

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              Profanity BANNED

              That's like saying Rick Grimes is the protagonist of TWD and going through the story with any other character would suddenly not be canon.

              The name of the game is The WOLF Among Us, but it's still the Fable universe.

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                Vainamoinen Moderator

                Uh, no, I think it's just a misunderstanding. No one has suggested to change "The (b. b.) Wolf''s" gender to female. And that seems to be Warge's assumption.

                THAT indeed would make Bigby a Bigbyette, hence no canon. That's a concept I can get behind.

                Did I get it right, he asked.

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                  Profanity BANNED

                  Doesn't look like he's assuming that people here a suggesting a sex change.

                  From the [quote]The question here was if we would like to play a female character. I questioned this because of this fact as well as (as far as I know) there isn't a female Wolf character in fables.[/quote] bit I'd say the problem he's having is not with how canon would a female character playthrough be, but how well would that fit in with the name of the game.

                  And from the way he described canon with the TWD example, it really doesn't look he knows what canon means. Now if the problem isn't in canon, he may have some sort of point of his own unrelated to anything in the thread.

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                    Vainamoinen Moderator

                    Give him the benefit of the doubt at least, will ya? ;)

                    I questioned this because of this fact as well as (as far as I know) there isn't a female Wolf character in fables.

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                      Profanity BANNED

                      [anger]Oh, you just had to show off how well can you quote![/anger]

                    • Thanks, but I can speak for myself.

                      Profanity got it right - I never suggested a sex change of Wolf, and neither did the OP. The question here was if we would like to play a female character. I question this because the game is named Wolf Among Us, and said Wolf is a guy, which has been said to be caninical in it's relationship with the comic Fable (I'm repeating myself here, I know).

                      Wolf is a guy. The guy Wolf is canonical. Making a female character would not be canonical in this context - unless of course there ARE characters in Fable that would be suitable to play as female - I don't know, Princess Toadstool? I have no idea what female characters are in the comic Fable. either way, if a female character would be choosen to be playable, having the name Wolf (the guy you know) in the game title would simply be misleading. If there were say a lot of characters from the Fable comic available to be playable, then the game would most likelyu just be called 'Fable - The Game' and not 'Wolf Among Us'.

                      Regarding the canonical thing, I'd say that as long as it is endorsed and permitted by the creator, then it's canon, hence my remark about the sign 'The Walking Dead' (some people here seems to have missed that part entirely). This is why I consider the game The Walking Dead canon in relation with the comic on which both it and the show are based on, but not say 'Night of the Living Dead'. The universe's are virtually the same, but there is no official connection between them.

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              puzzlebox Telltale Staff

              As I understand it, Wolf is the guy that is the protagonist in the comic

              Yes and no! Fables is a very rich universe with a whole bunch of "main" characters. Bigby Wolf is the protagonist in the comics' first story arc, but really doesn't feature at all in the second - Snow White is the protagonist there. There's a brief story after that which follows a little adventure with Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk), and then the next is the story of Boy Blue's escape from the Homelands.

              Bigby is definitely a hugely important character in the comics, especially in the big overarching story, but he's not ALWAYS the protagonist. That said, he was definitely the right player character choice for the story we have set up for you. :)

  • Does anyone remember the original Metroid for NES? I can remember the end of the game like yesterday. All kinds of folks stunned. Amazing how far games have come.

  • Not really. Bigby is enough for me.

  • I'd be down for a female protagonist. Playing as Snow or Cindy would be pretty badass.

  • A female character would mean a complete different approach to the story, or rather actually a different story. You couldn't just replace Bigby with a female counterpart and keep the same exact story and same interactions with the NPCs without making the game completely silly.
    Also people who refer to DC/Marvel heroines like Catwoman or Superwoman to justify a female character being able to be as tough as Bigby need to remember that the game is inspired by Fables which is inspired by classic fairy tales, and fairy tales don't have tough superstrong post-feminist or whatever heroines, or we don't know the same fairy tales and in that case please enlighten me (if it turns out that Fables DID turn some tales' female characters into such asskicking, ball-busting heroines, I'd be glad to know before I begin reading the comics, after playing TWAU I'm very interested in the books but I couldn't stand this kind of bullshit so you'd do me a great favor and it would save me a huge disappointment.)

    That being said a Fables-based game with a female playable character could be great too, I think, but since I'm more than satisfied with this one, I don't really care.

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