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Is anyone interested in Playing a female character or Monkey/Toad just to see how the story pans out.



  • I'd love the idea. However I'd feel terrible personally if someone hit her or she was hurt. You know against violence on women and all that.

  • Violence against anyone is bad, regardless of gender. ;)

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    Let me put this into context.

    When Lee was was cutting off his own arm, that was dramatic. But you understood he could take it. He fought with a fierce ferocity and knew how took care of himself. Women are usually ..cast are more..supporting roles. They appear a tad weaker then the male counter part. I would feel horrible playing her and some guy just hurt her.

    That's what I'm saying I'm iffy on violence against anyone in general but more so women since they are more..touch weaker.

  • Come on guys be brave, think of Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Storm. these women took a licking and kept on ticking.

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    ya...there just a touch weaker...
    photo images2_zps6c8665ba.jpg

  • the last time I saw a female that looked as buff as the women in the pic was Chyna from WWE

  • Have you ever seen any of them, just get punched in the face over and over. I'm informed by reviews of the wolf among us demo. He fights with this guy. I mean a brutal fight. He breaks his jaw, and guy cracks it back into place and guys have this bad ass thing that comes to them. I just cannot imagine playing a female.

    Unless the storyline was very engaged like they did in 400 days DLC. I'd be interested to see things in their point of view but it wouldn't have chest pounding the storyline the guys usually play.

  • But they are fairy tale characters, so getting punched repeatedly is ok. I've seen it happen to female super heroes in justice league. But I get your drift.

  • See you get it. Its not that you cannot create a compelling storyline with them. They usually have intense emotions during video game. During the walking dead. Your job for majority of the game was protecting a girl. I know they can dish it out. It would be a little messed up to see them get hit.

    But this is Tell Tale, who knows if they play toy with emotions by doing that.

  • ok that's not fair she got slapped twice in the first movie...Lol..also she over uses the word parlay.

  • I stopped watching after she cut down the apple tree Lol

  • Hitting a woman, regardless of how muscular they are. Just seems wrong.

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    true. people shouldn't hit women. but the world as a whole is in and of its self cruel. simplify omitting that from a game,book, or movie is bad writing. when writing a story you want to make it seem as real to reality as you can without going over the line. a good writer knows where that line is and will never cross it. sometimes. remember we call the bad guys villains for a reason.

  • I'm not against a creative writer using a story like an abusive boyfriend. Perhaps she has a choice to grab a gun or steel rod and use that. I meant in the actual world. In the fictional world. I know its almost anything goes. That's what makes it compelling because you feel emotions for the person in the game. I'm not against doing it in game by any means.

    I meant outside of that.

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    Hmmm, not always.

    Female sex hormones appear to give women better resiliency to extreme injury, while male sex hormones seem to worsen their survival after severe trauma” says Adil H. Haider, M.D., M.P.H., an assistant professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the study’s leader.

  • What your saying is, it's easier for them to avoid serious injury as long while they're being hit, they are having sex?

  • Shit, I'd be interested in playing every and any character and see how the story pans out but the productions costs... oooooh, think about the production costs!

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    Um, not sure how you got that from the scientific study, but what the hey, it's pretty simple:

    Sex hormones are ALWAYS present. Women, like men, have both estrogen and testosterone (+ other androgens) only pre-menopausal women (those still menstruating) have far less levels of the 'male' sex hormone, testosterone, circulating. Higher levels of testosterone, (in your average male) has been been shown to impede the immune response and the body's ability to respond to a high degree of trauma, such as severe blood loss. With pre-menopausal women the increase in survival rate is around 14% not grand, but significant.

    So, what we should be saying, is for men to increase their chances of surviving serious injury, they need preemptive castration ;) which I don't advocate.

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    so men who feel next to no pain most likely don't produce a lot of testosterone. well thats interesting.

    photo Science_zpsa39dc8ac.jpg

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    oooooh, think about the production costs!

    entire Telltale production team faints

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    Trust me they've got the dollaz! Actually if they added on DLC like different story lines only available after episode one is complete Telltale could make a lot of money. Just like they did 400 days but download each story line separately.

  • "Did we say this game would be ready by October 2013? We meant October 2023!"

  • I'd love to play as Snow. She's my favorite character in the comics. With that being said, I was never a big fan of Bigby. Let's hope TWAU can change that!

  • I've never read the comics. why is snow your favorite?

  • I love Bigby and Snow together but yeah, prequel.

  • I haven't read the comics, but as far as I could understand 'Wolf Among Us' is canon in relation to it, so I wonder how would a woman be canon?

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    Am I the only one not getting what Warge is saying? Scratching my head doesn't work.

    Oh wait, maybe I got it? I'm not even sure.

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    You can definitely expect to interact with Snow in The Wolf Among Us, even though she and Bigby aren't "together" until later in the comics. The game is set during the time when Crane was Deputy Mayor (which is Snow's job at the start of the comic series), and Snow is basically in Boy Blue's role as assistant to the Deputy Mayor.

  • Ok, I'll try to ask the question in smaller words then:

    'Wolf Among US' is apparently canon in relationship with the comic Fables. Fables is about Wolf, a guy, which is the protagonist in the game 'Wolf Among Us'. How would playing a woman make the game canon in its relationship with the comic Fables? I haven't read the comic, so there might very well be female characters there that could be playable were they set in a game, but the game is about the guy Wolf, not about the possible female character.

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    I think you are misunderstanding the concept of "canon." Two works, be they games or comics or anything else, do not need to share the same protagonist or be a continuation of the story of one character in order to belong to the same canon. They just have to be recognized as describing the same fictional universe. By your logic, The Walking Dead 400 Days would not be considered canonical with Season 1 of The Walking Dead game, since you play as 5 different protagonists rather than the one protagonist from Season 1.

  • As I understand it, Wolf is the guy that is the protagonist in the comic, thus making the game a prequel in a canonical universe. The question here was if we would like to play a female character. I questioned this because of this fact as well as (as far as I know) there isn't a female Wolf character in fables.

    I'm debating on very loose ground here since I don't know anything about the comic. I would say however, that I have a fairly good grasp on what 'canon' means - in TWD, it simply means that the world has gone down the drain because of a zombie outbreak - this isn't limiting the comic, the TV show or even the game, as long as whatever medium you have carry a 'The Walking Dead' sign so to speak.
    Sure, it seems like having set in Georgia during this outbreak is canon, but I'd say it's more because of tradition and because the author choose this very small part of the world to show how a zombie outbreak would affect these people - Rick, Shane and all the others.

  • That's like saying Rick Grimes is the protagonist of TWD and going through the story with any other character would suddenly not be canon.

    The name of the game is The WOLF Among Us, but it's still the Fable universe.

  • What is Telltale's episodic concept but the idea to produce one main game with four additional DLC packs?

  • Uh, no, I think it's just a misunderstanding. No one has suggested to change "The (b. b.) Wolf''s" gender to female. And that seems to be Warge's assumption.

    THAT indeed would make Bigby a Bigbyette, hence no canon. That's a concept I can get behind.

    Did I get it right, he asked.

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    Doesn't look like he's assuming that people here a suggesting a sex change.

    From the [quote]The question here was if we would like to play a female character. I questioned this because of this fact as well as (as far as I know) there isn't a female Wolf character in fables.[/quote] bit I'd say the problem he's having is not with how canon would a female character playthrough be, but how well would that fit in with the name of the game.

    And from the way he described canon with the TWD example, it really doesn't look he knows what canon means. Now if the problem isn't in canon, he may have some sort of point of his own unrelated to anything in the thread.

  • Give him the benefit of the doubt at least, will ya? ;)

    I questioned this because of this fact as well as (as far as I know) there isn't a female Wolf character in fables.

  • [anger]Oh, you just had to show off how well can you quote![/anger]

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